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June 24, 2024, a busy day. Had to get a blood test prior to a physical followed by breakfast with a friend. Downtown for an onsite meeting for the upcoming Strawberry Fields Forever event (I am assisting in the planning and execution). Then over to a venue to pick up a photobooth we provided for a graduation party and then returning the booth to our offices. Back home for a Zoom meeting with the charity’s Community Engagement Committee. Busy all day, many stops, looking like this all day.

Since my Day in Metropolis (the day after the above outing), it will have been twelve days between outings. I was good with that for various reasons: the wedding, work and my low motivation to go through the process. Plus between almost every appliance in our house going on the fritz (we’ve been here almost a quarter century, so this is to be expected) and the wedding expenses, my disposable income is somewhat lacking and we all know going out usually means at least some money spent.

You may have recently read about my current state of mind. Well….things change. I cannot get dressed, cannot be Kandi, enough right now. The genie is back out of the bottle!

That won’t be going back into the tube!

July 7, 2024, I just wanted to get out so off to the beach I went!

Nothing special to report. I spent an hour or so laying in the shade. Walked along the shoreline, enjoying no one paying me any attention. Had a beer at the deck bar, again, no one paid me a bit of attention. Walked around Edgewater Park quite a bit, just me in my swimsuit. I needed to pick up something at the grocery store, so I stopped on my way home (with the cover-up on) and took care of that. Just a relaxing few hours.

PS, I barely avoided a sunburn, but the girls are now highlighted with a bit of a tan.


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  1. Did I read that you were planning an execution at Strawberry Fields!?!? I thought they stopped doing those hundreds of years ago!

  2. Kandi, the orange print top and white skirt is a cute outfit – but the swimsuit is absolutely gorgeous! You look so happy out on the beach, it’s put a smile on my face. 🥰

  3. You look wonderful as usual and put together
    I’m still amazed you go to the beach
    I mean I swim in my back yard in my swimsuit but in public just not sure I could
    Glad you back at it

  4. Kandi,
    A swimsuit in the UK at the moment would be a joke , we have had hardly a day of hot sunshine for weeks . I’m off to Cornwall in a week’s time I don’t know whether to pack summer or winter items !!

    I’m glad yours helped give you some enjoyable Kandi time .

  5. Thank you for sharing this Kandi. It’s wonderful to see you out looking so bright and beautiful. That’s really the only Kandi I know! I loved this after reading your previous post because it helps me realize just how human you really are with all of life’s ups and downs even though I tend to think you’re just perfect. It really gives me hope.❤

  6. Kandi,
    I see the tide rose again. As we both know, it always does. I’m glad to see you out-and-about having Kandi leasure time. This is new and different for you. Good! And it looks like the girls already had a starter tan from V-neck tops.

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