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Kandi: Year Nine Kickoff

My first 2023 adventure!

2023 is the ninth year of Kandi. She was essentially “born” in late 2014, but she didn’t see daylight until early 2015. January 7, 2023 was my first time out in the New Year and what an outing! My friend Trisha (not our Contributor, Trish, but another friend) came in to visit a local indoor mountain bike track and get out with me.

Trisha and I got together with our friends Melissa, Andrea and a new friend, Laverne. This is what is so awesome. Trisha and I do not necessarily communicate very often. She (or on that day) he, was in town back in 2018 and we got together. It was a nice evening. But again, very little since then.

Trisha recently reached out and we set a date, so I invited my other friends, one of which I just met and the other two I have only know for about a month. But the five us us got along like lifelong girlfriends. FYI, the other three ladies are GG. It was like we had all know each other for years.

It was nice to get dolled up again and I was rather proud of my look on this day.

What pleased me so much was while we sat at the bar, waiting on our table, Trisha and Laverne sat and chatted so easily and they had just met. Awesome!

We had a couple of hours at dinner, chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Then we went to a local throwback disco. The place was packed, a line outside to get in. There we enjoyed the music, but really couldn’t get on the crowded dance floor. Afterward, Trisha and I had a nightcap and just talked. One excellent evening out with great friends! The photo on the left is Melissa and yours truly.

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  1. Kandi, I am glad you were able to get the new year off to a great start with friends. I set my mind to do the same, and followed through with a trip to my favorite wine bar. It was in part an excuse to wear a favorite sweater with new pair of dress slacks and the weather was mild enough (by MN standards) to make heels feasible. The slacks were, btw, an incentive for hitting the gym 5 days in a row since the start of the new year!

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