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Getting a Jump(suit)

A look back at a Dee classic!

As a lifelong baseball fan (around these parts, the St. Louis Cardinals are more religion than sport), one of the frequent instructions from a base coach to a runner is to “get a jump”.

As a lifelong crossdresser, my latest obsession has been to get a jump(suit).

My GG friend Michelle loves jumpsuits. When we went shopping together in early July we tried on matching jumpsuits, mine in black, hers in white. I loved the look. That put me on a mission to find a suitable jumpsuit.

In mid-July Macy’s was having a one day sale. Checking their web-site, I saw they had a Royal Blue jumpsuit on sale for 60% off, with one available at my local Macy’s. Because of Covid-19, all of the Macy’s dressing rooms are closed. Accordingly, I decided just to go as the boy me and have a look at the jumpsuit. I found it, liked the look, and decided that I would buy it, and joined the checkout line.

While waiting in line, I was texting with another GG friend Renee. She’s had some hand surgery recently, so texting is difficult for her, and she asked me to call her.

So I do. Renee tells me to leave the line and to not buy the jumpsuit yet. So I do.

I walked to where I found the jumpsuit and we chatted. Renee searched the Macy’s website for jumpsuits she liked and would tell me the identification number on the item. I then looked up those items to see if I liked them or not. 

Long story short, I hang the blue jumpsuit back on the rack. Renee and I agree on four jumpsuits I will buy online (I added one additional one later). Because of the pandemic, Macy’s is offering a 5 month return period, so whatever jumpsuits I don’t want, I can return.

I rarely order online, as I prefer to try things on in person–it’s a lot more fun that way. Also, I didn’t really want to explain why I got five packages from Macy’s to my two sons (and a girlfriend) who spent the summer break living with me. But, in for a nickel, in for a dime. Over the course of the next week and a half, the five jumpsuits eventually arrived (one arrived at the local post office, did a unexplained detour to Rapid City, South Dakota, and finally showed up a week later).

I found a time about a week later to get dressed up and try on all of the jumpsuits. As always, I took pictures and sent them to my several GG friends to get their opinions, and on an internet board that I frequent.

Renee’s favorite was the Royal Blue. I kind of liked the halter top one, but because it had buttons behind the neck (which I cannot fasten) it was out. The Navy Blue (same style as the Royal Blue) was ho hum. The polka dot (who doesn’t like polka dots?) was cute but just didn’t fit right. The fifth, the basic black, fit and looked the best.

I mulled the decision for a couple of weeks. I couldn’t decide. I was leaning towards the Royal Blue and the black, but couldn’t pull the trigger.

Fortunately, Michelle wanted to get together, and I offered to cook dinner for her and show her my house (my other family members were elsewhere so I had the house to myself; stay tuned as our dinner together will be a post in the near future). Following dinner, we both tried on all five jumpsuits, and made a choice.

I liked the black one, and Michelle liked the black one. After dinner, and trying on the jumpsuit, we agreed to go to Hooter’s for a drink (Michelle likes Hooter’s; don’t blame me). She wanted me to wear the black jumpsuit, so I cut off the tags and wore it proudly out for our nightcap. I now have a jumpsuit, and now just need a reason to wear it out somewhere.

Editorial comment: I rather fancy Michelle’s dress!


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