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Five Years of Kandi’s Land!

Who da thunk it!

My oh my! I have been doing this every single day for five years. I have met so many wonderful people, both virtually or in the flesh and mourn the loss of friends that have disappeared or drifted away. Such is the way of the world we live in, I suppose.

Allow me to thank our current band of contributors: our Sunday, Sun-Dee; Gwen and her inspiration; Lisa P. who offers such introspection; Amanda, who never ceases to provide a different angle on things; Nora, Alexandra and Cristy, my beloved real world friends and frequent dinner companions; Sherry, my BFF and infrequent contributor here; Cassidy, the roots of Kandi’s Land and our resident author; Jocelyn, one of the most good hearted people on Earth; Tina, whose ability to get out may be challenged, but when she does it pleases me to no end; Teresa, always sharing wonderful real world experiences; and last, but certainly not least, Rach, whom I feel a tremendous connection, even though we may never meet in the real world.

So ladies…what can we do here to make this even better?

I am in the process of building, along with a few great friends, something that I don’t believe exists. Let’s first understand the lack of community in the spectrum called LGBTQIA+.

I want to build a community. I want to gather people that support each other. I want to be a place that should exist in our world; where we love, support, share and enjoy who we are. In that little “T” you see in the label slapped upon us, there are many more fragments. There are the transgendered, those brave enough to transition, those willing at all costs to become the woman they are. There are the crossdressers, as we have explored in great detail, spectacularly so as our friends Cristy and Alex have done here and elsewhere. And there are those like myself, those that in their hearts are woman, but due to circumstance, due to commitments, due to any number of things, cannot make that amazing commitment, but do whatever they can to be the women they were meant to be.

In that latter category are ladies that go out all the time (me), ladies that do so within circumstantial boundaries (Sherry, for example), those that do so stealthily; those that do so at great risk and those that do so through places like this, where they can express what is in their hearts.

So as we move into year six, look for so many new things. Please give me the benefit of the doubt that I live to be of service to my sisters. I hope that I have earned your trust.

We are building a multi-platform site that will allow us to commune, both virtually and in the flesh. We are investing in Kandi’s Land Live! roadshows and experiences where we will actually gather and help the gal who has never gotten out, help the gal who needs some fashion help, help the gal who needs some makeup tips, help the gal who is struggling to know she is not alone, that there is nothing wrong with her. Help that gal meet others like her, in an environment where we do nothing but love and support. Oh yeah, and have a little girl fun!

It’s coming! Look for it! Join us! Support us! Spread the word, we are women, we are valuable human beings and in many, many ways, we have been given a very special gift. The ability to persevere and find a way in a world that has become increasingly difficult to navigate, to be ourselves!

My purpose as I roam the Earth and until I am taken from it, is to make things different and even better than they are. That is my pledge to you ladies!

We’ve also added a third outfit to the Arizona photoshoot!

Stay tuned!


29 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    Congratulations on five years of this wonderful site.

    You work so hard to keep Kandi’s Land alive and fresh. You are an inspiration to me and to thousands of people who are searching for life saving answers.

    Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for being a great inspiration to so many of us. Thank you for being you. But most of all, thank you for being a friend. You are beautiful.


  2. Congratulations on 5 years of Kandi’s Land. You have worked so hard to make it a success.
    I have been with you all the way and have appreciated all the changes and improvements to
    the site. Looking forward to the new and exciting things you have planned.

    You have made a difference and that is a wonderful accomplishment.
    Luv U

  3. Kandi, this is an amazing achievement and I feel honored (special trans-atlantic spelling to mark the occasion but, like Kandi’s Land, it just doesn’t look right without ‘U’!) to be a part of it. What I love about KL is the variety – if today’s post doesn’t float your boat, you can pretty well guarantee that tomorrow’s will. There’s obviously a common thread that binds us together but we all have different ways of accommodating it within our lives. I love to read about your adventures, even though they’re all a long way outside anything I could ever contemplate, because they’re a shining reminder of the simple fact that the only obstacles most of us face are the ones we put in place ourselves. And that’s a lesson we can learn regardless of how we are dressed.

    Best of all though, as you have highlighted, is the community you’ve created. The appreciation of those who contribute or comment is plain to see but I’m sure that there are plenty more in the shadows, whose struggles to make sense of it all are made a lot easier by what they read (even if it’s reading stuff by that mad British bird in the yellow dress and realising that they need to get a grip before they end up like her!).

    Thank you for everything you do, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate it.

  4. Kandi,
    It was a very brave decision to set up your own site and after five years it’s acheived so much for the communtiy so far to give even more is a wonderful thought , I hope you succeed . To add it’s a lovely gesture to be invited to contribute . I know what so many go through as I’ve lived it so hopefully I can pass on my thoughts and support to others .

  5. Kandi, congrats on 5 years! I am so glad I found your site and I enjoy contributing my thoughts in the comments and interacting with other like minds. Kandi, you are very inspiring with your confidence in your adventures being who you are.

    It feels nice being in a safe haven for those that allow their authentic self to shine.

  6. Woo-hoo, congratulations for 5 amazing years! I can’t believe that much time has passed since connecting with you on the forums and joining you here.

  7. My goodness where have those 5 years gone.
    I’ve been through so much over these past 5 years and I have to say and I mean this from my heart.
    Whenever I was down I would come here and there you were with a positive story and your beautiful smile and then my troubles were not so bad.
    We all know the ups and downs of being transgender but places like this help us all know we are not alone and we can care and love each other no matter our background or our personal stories
    As you say a community
    Your are the best Kandi
    Love you Rach

  8. Kandi,
    Kudos on 5 years and I am looking forward to #6 which sounds interesting. Thanks for making this a great place to interact with some very interesting ladies.

  9. Congratulations. Being a Cleveland girl myself, your site holds special meaning for me. It has given me the courage to be out and much more public about my true self….Thanks, Kandi

  10. Kandi congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished in the past 5 years.
    If they are any indication the next 5 years should have a moon rocket like trajectory !!
    Thank you for being an awesome friend and big sister.
    Love & Hugs,
    Samantha G.

  11. Hi Kandi, you earned my unconditional trust just by sending me a simple letter that changed my world. Since Paulette put me on to your blog I’ve learned a lot , been made to think a lot and enjoyed each and every episode …… a lot.
    I’m so glad I was asked to help you and Paulette and the others in your latest adventure. Getting to know you on a personal basis has meant so much to me. I’m so looking forward to the day we meet.

    God bless you Kandi,

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