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What Queen Elizabeth II Can Teach You About Being Popular

It's Saturday, time to think a bit.

Queen Elizabeth II was the most popular member of the royal family with sky high approval ratings throughout her 70-year reign. Her loyal subjects stood in line for over 24 hours to pay their respects when she died in September.

You may not aspire to that much fame and fortune, but popularity is still an important asset. It’s nice to feel wanted, and you’re more likely to reach your goals when you have others on your side.

The fact is, most of us would like a little more admiration and acceptance. Try cultivating these 3 qualities that worked so well for the Queen.


She took her duties seriously, but still knew how to make others laugh. That includes attending a tea party with Paddington Bear and participating in a James Bond skit for the 2012 Olympics.

Develop your own sense of humor with these tips:

1. Manage stress. Relieving tension is one of the major benefits of laughter. Take a step back from difficult situations and notice what’s funny about them.

2. Boost your energy. If you need something to wake you up, humor can do that too. A witty remark can liven up parties and business meetings.

3. Be sensitive. Steer clear of anything that could be offensive. That could include making fun of others or talking about controversial matters.

4. Use your experiences. If you’re having trouble finding material, think about your daily activities. Tell your family or coworkers about a funny thing that happened at the supermarket or something you saw on YouTube.


Queen Elizabeth stood out in a family that often makes headlines for scandals and feuds. In movies and news stories, she was usually depicted as a reliable figure who served her country well. Think about your own public image.

Consider using these ideas:

1. Be authentic. Discover your true self. Be clear about who you are and what you stand for. Stand up for your principles and make decisions that align with your values and beliefs.

2. Know your audience. It’s okay if your appeal is a bit narrower than the Queen’s. Figure out who you’re trying to reach, including potential employers. Focus on what they care about and make it easy for them to find you. 

3. Network vigorously. Develop mutually supportive relationships. Help others before asking them to do something for you. Keep in touch with your contacts and reach out to new ones.

4. Stay up to date. Audit your social media presence and make sure your LinkedIn profile is still current. Take classes and volunteer for projects where you can learn new skills.


Most of all, the Queen demonstrated leadership during difficult times. She drove ambulances and fixed trucks during World War II and called for unity during the pandemic. How do your actions reflect your values?

Try these strategies to demonstrate your leadership:

1. Find your purpose. Think about what kind of impact you want to have on the world. Set specific goals and devote your time and energy to reaching them. Cut back on distractions and surround yourself with family and friends who inspire you.

2. Earn trust. Follow through on your commitments. Apologize sincerely when you fall short of expectations. Be consistent and transparent. Empower others by trusting them too.

3. Give generously. Share your blessings and cultivate a sense of gratitude. Do favors without expecting anything in return. Spend time with someone who is struggling and pay attention to what they have to say.

Your birth determines whether you can become queen of England, but anyone can make themselves more likable. Pursue the kind of popularity that’s based on integrity and compassion. Make friends by being responsible and kind.

Be Strong 💪 

Gwen Patrone



2 Responses

  1. Gwen,
    As a Brtish subject I feel very honoured to be part of the history of the the Royal family . As a schoolchild having to learn the history of the kings and queens was a pain but as an adult I can now see the value of retaining a Royal family .
    Lets not forget some some do not suport the Royal family but we mustn’t forget they are also human beings with their strengths and weaknesses , personally I feel the UK is far better off under a monarchy and long may we retain one .

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