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Mentha Longifolia

Alex goes on a weekend bender, of sorts....

By Alexandra

So, I finally got a chance to dress yesterday (this post was written a month or so ago), though the marathon session featuring eight outfits and two different wigs took place entirely in a hotel room. It was a nice hotel room, though!

This was the first dress I tried on, which I love immensely. The color, lace, and fit are perfect. I also tried on a new wig; it isn’t a replacement and did not always work, but I love this flirty, fun look on other women of a certain age and wanted to try the style. It decidedly works here, but not when wearing other outfits. This was a curious discovery: Some wigs work better with certain outfits and not with others.

These photos of me in the lounge chair are similar (check out her Flickr page for the other photo), to be sure, but somehow I felt the need to post them both. The vibes are different, I guess. I love the way my legs look here, though perhaps I should have toned down the lotion a bit 🙂

Beyond the epic scale of dressing (I’ve not done so many outfits in a day), I also executed a purge of 80% of my stuff, donating the bulk to charity. I kept four dresses for special occasions, that rare time once a year or so in which I meet up with friends for dinner or something. I also scaled back my accessories and makeup to the stuff I routinely use. In short, I now have a “go bag” that I can quickly and easily grab, hidden in a safe section of the attic. I wanted to “end” on a big note, and reduce my Alex footprint to something more appropriate for my situation.

I was not always feeling the mojo, so worried my photos from this day were going to be shit, but I am happy to report that there are many gems (even to my very self-critical eye). I will be posting regularly for awhile, until the lot is depleted.

Much, much more to come!

  • Dress: SHEIN
  • Shoes: SHEIN


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  1. As always so cute and stylish. Love the way you paint a picture of your experience when you take these photos.

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