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More from that weekend photo shoot!

By Alexandra

When I dress, the purpose is for fun. Frankly, this fun also includes scandalous fantasy, though in my case this doesn’t descend into filth (at least, I hope it doesn’t). Here we have a selfie, one of many that start off innocent enough and then devolve as my arm gets tired and I get bored with my presentation. These later selfies are more interesting as a result.

As I study the library of images resulting from a photo session, some pop and most do not. Those that pop range from aesthetically pleasing to interesting. In the latter type, I’m usually inspired to think of a backstory. Most of the time I’m not clever enough (read lazy) to actually write out a detailed backstory. This is an example of such a photo, one that made me think of a moment prior to some sort of tryst in a hotel room during a conference. In my case, this would involve a woman (as I am heterosexual, making Alexandra a lesbian). But the point is one should let imagination run free. I should also consider posting more humorous images, essentially bloopers or poses that look idiotic but illicit a laugh. Laughing is good for the soul, they say, but also laughing can make one feel embarrassed – not a feeling I seek 😀

I wore some components of this ensemble during Keystone 2022. This time I swapped a satin cami with a ribbed white blouse, a different blazer, a new belt, and, of course, nude pumps (WAY better than the booties I elected to wear back in March). Of course, there are more photos of me in this outfit which I will post in the future.

  • Blouse: evoluSHEIN
  • Blazer: Calvin Klein
  • Skirt: SHEIN
  • Belt: Rebecca Minkoff
  • Shoes: Bandolino
  • Hosiery: Cecilia de Rafael


3 Responses

  1. Alexandra,
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words , so don’t feel so bad about not writing a back story , your pictures say it all .

    Most of us go through the need to take pictures but our reasons could be varied , I was lucky being a professional photographer so I had all the right equipment and the ability to print my own photographs ( yes I am talking about film not digital ) . I still have the first picture taken in my studio when I couln’t believe the man had disappeared , looking back I now see that was when Teresa came into being , something clicked inside the dressing made sense . I did find pictures invaluable as they showed people what I looked like , to tell them you have a need to crossdress isn’t the same as showing them . So most of us use them for validation and also we can work out our look , what suits us and what doesn’t . Also there is a fetish element when we consider what looks sexy .

    The need has diminished because I live fulltime , OK I’m annoyed with myslef sometimes when I visit places of interest and forget to take a picture or two just for the scrap book .

    You look great so keep taking the pics , none of us regret it .

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