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Having your Truth Vision and goal objectives written on how to get to your ultimate goal will help you stay crystal clear. 

Don’t just have them in mind, write them down to engage more of your senses.  

Engaging more senses is like having more roots which will make your Truth Vision sturdier but also bear more beautiful fruits.  

First of all, you have to make some decisions to even have a goal in the first place.  I mention this scattered across the book.  

Second, by reviewing that goal every day, you’ll keep reinforcing that objective. As you do this work, your clarity will become a little greater each day.  Remember, you’re reprogramming your subconscious in the process.  Doing this whenever you feel like it isn’t going to cut it. Bad habits and old beliefs took years and even decades to entrench themselves in your psyche.

Pick it up, SEE what you’ve written, SPEAK the words you’ve written, HEAR yourself speak the words, feel the vibration of your voice speaking the words and TOUCH the paper on which you’ve written the words.

The Vision of yourself as you’d truly like to be will eventually become so clear.  Everything starts as a thought or dream which is then made into physical form as long as the proper roots are grown (anchor) and a white hot burning, all consuming passion (heat).

Your Trans Truth requires all of you. Not some of you.  She requires commitment and sacrifice.  To give birth to her, you need to feed her as a mother lovingly feeds a child in her womb.  

Then the Law of Gestation will take effect in its own time.  Your Trans Truth will be birthed when the time is right.

View it (See), Say it (Speak), Listen (Hear), Hold it (Touch).

Be Strong💪 


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  1. Gwen,
    As far as general goals are concerned I feel it’s important to set realistic ones or perhaps a sequence of smaller more attainable ones to finally reach the ultimate goal .

    To set goals in our trans lives is slightly different because we possibly have more objectors to them but I do agree you have to be decisive or should it be single minded but not selfish . As you say we have to fully understand ourselves to attain self belief .

    My first goal after my divorce was to live fulltime once I’d achieved that I could set about the goals I deeply wanted to achieve and that was to make more of my art and possibly run my own group BUT importantly as Teresa .
    While it’s not the whole truth covid played a big part in shattering some of those ideas , it took a huge chunk out of people’s lives and sadly much of that hasn’t returned . So maybe time reconsider my goals and set a slightly different course and that appears to be working . We must forget the old saying , ” when one door closes , another opens ” , we never know what the next open door will reveal .

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