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Extra! Extra!

An unbelievable experience as I make my soon-to-be big (or maybe small) screen debut!

Do you aspire to be in film? Need to build your resume or IMDb? Looking to get more experience? LOOK NO FURTHER!

What About Them Productions is seeking extras for a wedding scene in our feature film “Trapped in the Elevator”. ANY AGE. ANY ETHNICITY. Must come dressy casual as if you’re attending a wedding.

Production title: Trapped in the Elevator

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent 
Project length: Feature Film
Production location: Cleveland, Ohio
Production Company: What About Them Productions
Film Website:
Director: Dezz Peterson
Executive Producer: Dezz Peterson, Marla Peterson

Shooting Location: Ohio
Compensation: Enjoy some great food after filming

Synopsis: A lawyer must care for a woman in a broken down elevator who just stripped him of his lifelong dream of becoming a partner at their law firm. Being trapped in an elevator for hours is about to change their lives forever.

That was the ad and one email later, I was indeed an extra! My big screen debut! May 30, 2021 a star was born!!

Okay, a bit of hyperbole, but I was very excited!

Knowing me as you probably do by now, I put a lot of thought into my outfit. If you invite me to a wedding, this is what you’ll get, my “A” game! I was happy beyond happy with my look.

The shoot was at an event center across the street from the first apartment my wife and I lived in, but I had never been in there. I have driven past it literally a few hundred times. I walk in and there really weren’t that many people there. I see an older couple and strike up a conversation that essentially continued for a few hours. Emily and her husband were also extras and she was an absolute doll! 75 years old and did her first stand-up (yeah, a comedienne) only a few years ago. Every single person there treated my like a lady, complements on my dress, my shoes and just kindness all around.

There were only six extras. The wedding scene was intended to be intimate and small, but since there weren’t many of us, I am 100% certain I will be in the movie, no question. I sat in the front, first seat. They could not leave me on the cutting room floor without eliminating this scene, a central part of the movie. Never having been on a movie set, it was interesting to see the small details they undertake to get just the right shot, angle, inflection in a line.

I was very proud of myself this day. I was very pretty, I was engaged, asked questions, was very much valued and made a few new friends. I thanked the director before I left and he said we are now all part of the family. He said (I hope this happens) that we will all be invited to the premier, probably near the end of the year. I am sure it would be at a local theater, but for me….what to wear? A red carpet spin (joking, of course)? Then he thought the movie would make the festival circuit (The Cleveland International Film Festival 2022?????) and probably be on one of the streaming services.

The on-site photos were taken by Emily’s husband. I am quite fond of the one below. One of those “me” photos. What a wonderful way to spend a few hours on a chilly Sunday. I say this often, but put yourselves out there ladies! No risk, no reward and I have been rewarded more than I deserve!


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  1. What fun to be part of something like this.
    You look super cute and I’m sure the director was happy you were in that scene because after all your at a wedding and smiles all around which you do so well

  2. Kandi, you look fabulous in that dress, it’s a great splash of colors. The sitting picture is good, but my favorite is the one on the stairs – your pose is naturally feminine. I can’t wait to see the finished film and your red carpet debut!

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