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Wedding Bell Blues

A day where I get to spend time with two of my great friends and I get to shop and I get to have a few cocktails and I get new clothes and, okay go ahead and read about it!

Okay, no blues, but I couldn’t resist this great Fifth Dimension title. This was a Friday, which brought me tremendous joy, all focused around weddings.

My dear friend Wendy, while she, I and her husband were recently enjoying a Vacarro’s Happy Hour, told me they had to attend a wedding soon and asked if I would be interested in shopping with her for a dress to wear! As you know, I gave this question considerable thought……….okay, you know damn well, I jumped at the kind offer. May 28, 2021, on a cold and rainy day, it was the day!

Since this was an all-girl day, I had to wear a dress, this darling spring dress and the denim jacket took it over the top! It was very cool, but I went forward with this outfit, opting for sneakers as a concession to the weather.

First stop to head across town to pick up my wedding dress! This day was cold and raining steadily. I walked in and the darling seamstress brought me my dress and told me she was so happy I came in to pick it up as she was transferring to another store and this was her last day. I put the dress on and she came in and laced up my corset, all the while I am having this out-of-body experience. I was beaming! The dress is gorgeous and I am a very lucky woman to have it. After I paid, the seamstress came out to say good bye and, of course, I asked her if it was okay to give her a hug. We hugged and she told me, since it was raining, to hold my dress like a baby. I told her, it was my baby. What a wonderful experience, all due to complete happenstance.

I then drove across town in a sheeting downpour, to meet my friend Wendy at Piece Unique, my little piece of heaven and my friend Lisa. Please understand this, if you have one friend like this, you are truly blessed. If you have two, there are no words. I had a bit of time to chat with Lisa before Wendy arrived. I always enjoy talking to her as she completely gets me.

Once Wendy arrived, I made the appropriate introductions and we got to shopping! We identified a few dresses that would work for Wendy. She ended up just getting a pair of jeans and I ended up getting a complete outfit makeover (thank you Lisa!).

I walked out with a new pair of skinny jeans and this darling blouse! The dress went in my purse and Wendy and I then headed out and had our first cocktail at a local establishment.

We had one while chatting a while and then headed to Nordstrom’s Rack. For me, that was a treat! We went through all the dresses in her size (between XS and S) and identified about seven prospective candidates and off to the dressing room we went. She took up residence in a fitting room while I sat in the one next door. She came out to show me each of our selections (all worked very well on her). Of course, the very first dress I selected was the right one and the one she bought. She will be drop dead gorgeous at that wedding! I texted her later to make sure she told her husband he owes me a big thank you!

The last stop was Bar Louie, for our last cocktails and a bite to eat. As an aside, I hosted a Christmas party here this past December. I have not been there since. On this day, the waiter who took care of us in December made a point to come over and give me a big hello. How very cool was that! That hello proved quite a few things. I am memorable because I do not pass, but also because I seek to be a kind person. And it proves that there are great people everywhere. Find them.

It was so wonderful just talking with my friends, my girl friends, accepted completely as one of them. To those of you that read me frequently, sorry about sounding like a broken record. But we exist here to show the way and if this is the first time someone is reading Kandi’s Land, then she needs to understand that indeed we live in a very accepting world.


4 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    You are absolutely correct again. Having one or better yet a few CIS Girl Friends is pure heaven and yes I believe it is attitude and congeniality that makes for these friendships special and enduring. By the way I just love the “BIL BOARD IMAGES, ” you present on the site. They are worth the site visit by themselves. Thank you for all your work and investment of time and resources.
    Marie Anne Greene

  2. What a great time with a very special friend.
    Both your outfits are very cute but then I would expect nothin less from you my dear.

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