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Ever have a good cry? How about at least five of them in one day? Read on....

I generally have trouble crying. I get emotional, but would love to just have a good cry. I’ve tried and until this day, May 21,2021, I came up dry. But I guess I just needed to feel the love.

My day started very frustrating, a work issue and we’ll leave it at that. So I decided to get dressed sooner than I had planned and off I went. The day was in the low 90’s, so I wore a nice, light dress, sneakers and really enjoyed being dressed for what ended up being about eight hours.

My first stop was Piece Unique and a visit with someone I am so blessed to know, my friend Lisa. She gave me a big hug as this was the first time I had seen her since my father passed away. The tears flowed! We talked as any two women would and it felt so special, so right, so natural, so me. I did a little shopping, tried on a few things and picked up a cute Talbot’s dress.

Then I was supposed to pick up my altered wedding dress. I got there and the sweet woman who was working on it had me on her calendar for the following Friday. She has just been so sweet to me and she’ll never know what it has meant to me. She even complemented me on my shoes! While there, a woman was picking something up and she just gushed about my wedding dress (MY dress!!!!!!). Yeah, back to the car for another good cry……

I then headed to a mall near my favorite restaurant, Vaccaro’s Trattoria. They weren’t open until 4:00, so I simply walked around the mall and it felt great.

Then I got to Vaccaro’s and took my usual spot at the bar. My dear friend Karen was on duty and we got caught up. I, of course, told her about the recent events in my life and she shared some similar stories and the two of us we’re crying like school girls. And it felt so wonderful, the love I got from Lisa, the woman working on my dress, Karen, was just incredible.

I struck up a conversation with a couple there (whom I had never previously met), which I have done there time and again and then my friends Wendy and Mike joined me. Both know both of me and it is literally a nonissue. I am known to them as “K”, to avoid any confusion. Love that!

And again, we all talked, and I was struck about how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends. Wendy has a wedding to attend soon, so we agreed to go shopping for her dress for the wedding!! On this day I collected three (vaccinated) hugs and I cannot tell you how great that was, how “back to normal” it felt.

Say what you will, but a day like this is simply so life affirming you have no idea. I teared up just writing this post, which I did once I got home and got cleaned up. Anyone who was so kind to me on this day, on any day, my heartfelt thank you. What wonderful people populate this troubled world of ours. Ladies, it’s out there but you have to step out the door to find out.

So guess what? I am back on set this Saturday playing a juror in a murder trial. I have to go with a different look so as not to be confused for the wedding guest and get to wear three different outfits!!


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  1. Kandi,
    What an amazing day! I’m SO happy for you ❤️! Good luck with the movie, you’ll have to tell me all about it on Sunday.
    Stay beautiful-Sherry

  2. KANDI,



  3. Yes it’s amazing when our emotions finally come to the surface for whatever our need is.
    I’ve always been one to not really hide my emotion which I know is unusual for a bio guy but I’m grateful for my tears when they happen I think it shows I do have compassion
    Kandi you truly are so fortunate to have made so many wonderful connections and I’m so happy for you as we need our friends for sure.
    Can’t wait for those wedding dress pictures I’m sure I might need a tissue or two
    Hugs my sweet friend

  4. Kandi: it seems this day was very cathartic for you and was just what you needed. Tears themselves can make us feel better. Hope this was the case for you. Take care and good luck with the wedding dress.

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