Getting Back to Normal

All the things associated with saying goodbye to a loved one has been completed. The arrangements, the calling hours, the funeral, the family, getting everyone back home, all done. We now move forward with the changes in our lives this loss has created. Filling the void. For me, I have now taken on the added responsibilities of helping Mom with all the associated paperwork (a short term project), getting her life reorganized and making sure she has a life and gets to wherever she needs to go. So as a result, there will be fewer Kandi opportunities. No complaints, just the facts, Ma’am!

On May 20, 2021, I had my first shift as a volunteer at the Cleveland Photo Fest, so it was nice to get dressed and out. The “job” frankly was not needed, as there are six people there tending the shop, myself included, and we didn’t have six guests during my three hour shift. The day was brutally hot, so I went with a very springy outfit and felt pretty for a little while. No story beyond that, but here we were on that day.

A recent clearance t-shirt, a $1 skirt and a big smile, which was free.

One week later, May 27, 2021, I returned for my next shift. Literally no story, just pictures and a lovely, every day outfit.

I’m pretty sure this outfit cost less than the one above. I’ve taken budget fashion to a new level!

FYI the movie experience was amazing! Not a large endeavor, but I was completely treated as a woman, completely felt a part of the production and I am fairly certain I will get some screen time. It may only be a few moments, but I have no doubt I will be coming to a streaming services near you! And oh yeah, the director told me we would be invited to the world premier. I am sure it will be at a local theater, but the outfit choices are already spinning in my head.

4 thoughts on “Getting Back to Normal”

  1. As always your fashion sense is spot on, you look lovely
    And bravo on your screen debut I’m sure you will look great

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