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My Friday With Julie…..on a Wednesday

I finally get the opportunity to meet one of my favorite girls!!

Me here. Julie took the day off to be, well…..fabulous! Anyway, I thought this would be the appropriate day to tell you a brief story about my having met Julie recently. Well, not exactly Kandi and not exactly Julie, but you get the point. Obviously, there will be no photographs.

I was passing though Chicago and we agreed to get together. We met at a nice restaurant with outdoor seating on a lovely day. I had never previously met or spoken to Julie. I have read all about her and seen many pictures doing the blog, so as I am sure you do, I had my own mental image of who she was. I have been and remain a big fan of her look, frankly I am jealous!

The moment we greeted each other with a hug, I felt very comfortable, as if she had been a long time friend. We have a great many similarities and many differences, just like any two people. But we have “this” in common. And as we have discussed many times, “this” is different for each and every one of us. I can come up with thousands of scenarios for each and every biological male who wears women’s clothing from why they do so, when they do so, how often they do so, to what degree they do so, if they go out in public, on and on and on. Julie seems to have the same mindset with regard to our presentation, how we interact with the public and the fact that “this” generally is an out-of-house experience for us.

For me, talking with someone with that same sort of mindset but hearing the very different way they approach an outing or an experience was very interesting. It is often difficult getting outside of one’s own head. It certainly is for me. I have been pretty successful doing what it is I am doing, so I tend to keep going back to the same well. But there are other ways for going about this, to gain different experiences.

Circumstances certainly dictate things for us. Living in Chicago and living in the city, such a large city, makes her approach somewhat different than mine. She is part of a vibrant community of like-minded girls so is able to find others to go out with. She also has a Facebook presence, I do not. For me, finding friends is difficult. Sure, it may well be me and probably is on some level. But it’s also that there really are not many general areas for us to gather, I have not found the right fit with others and as I have said before, my body clock generally runs opposite of other ladies like myself. I would be fast asleep when Julie was just getting started. I have great friends like Sherry, but her windows for getting out are limited. Circumstances again.

Anyway, the time flew by. The conversation flowed freely, Julie was not who I imagined and at the same time, exactly who I thought she would be. I think she would agree, if you saw the two of us together that day, you would never know what brought us together. She gave me plenty to think about, another angle on getting out. I then got to spend six hours driving home and much to think about.

I am now a better person for knowing her and I can say, she is indeed The Fabulous Julie Slowinski! Thank you my friend and I hope we can do that again, only prettier!


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  1. I first met another crossdresser in 1978 or 9. I went to a store run by Lee Brewster on 10th Ave in NYC. There was a bulletin board in the store. On it was index card saying CD parties 2nd Saturday of the month on Long Island and a phone #. A day or 2 later I called the number. The person answered and gave me the information. A couple of weeks later I went to the party. I changed there. Needless to say I was very nervous. There were about 10 other people there. One of the other CDs said hello and introduced herself. We had a wonderful conversation that changed my life. Meeting others in person like yourself, I believe is the best therapy in the world.

    1. I remember going to Lee’s store. What a wonderful place it was. She was the first CD I ever met although she wasn’t dressed at the time nor was I, but we had a wonderful chat and I did spent some money. She passed to soon. Unfortunately I never made one of those parties.

  2. Terri, I agree with you having a girl friend as it were is freeing indeed. Over the last couple of months I’ve reconnected with a local girl here and we have both found a great friendship and bond
    We don’t get out much at all just as you say Kandi, circumstances
    However we text and I give her fashion advice such as it is.
    We are going to get together I hope soon for a girls day.
    Great post Kandi because yes having a connection to someone who gets us really can be wonderful

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