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Travelogue – Keystone Day Three

More adventures!

March 25, 2022 started with a great seven mile run. I then helped with the luncheon and enjoyed my meal with many new friends.

After the lunch, I decided to go off campus, to get out among the local mainstream. I asked one of the most wonderful ladies I know, Cristy Garcia, to join me. Cristy is one of the most beautiful women on the internet and anywhere. She is from Guatemala. We went to a local brewery, chatted for quite a while and it was definitely a highlight and my sincere pleasure to have gotten to know her even better!

That evening we had our Vanity Club dinner and it was just another wonderful opportunity to get to know sisters better, meet new friends and just be.

I have to come clean here. That evening, I took no photos except for the close up above, taken in my room before I headed out. So the following morning, I had to recreate everything. I must be getting old.

That evening, as usual, was spent at the hotel bar.


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