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Travelogue – Keystone Day Four

Rod Stewart once said, Every Picture Tells a Story!

From the moment I arrived on campus, it was go, go, go…. I am still trying to remember what I did, but the photos bring me such joy! I know you will call BS on me, but I really didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked. I was in a lot of photos, but many were taken by others. If you have a photo with me, please send it…..

March 26, 2022, the last day at Keystone. I got up, got the workout in and dressed casually for the afternoon. I basically spent the bulk of the day simply socializing and it was nice not to be running from one thing to another.

If I had to make a wild guess, I probably had 30 or so meaningful conversations over the course of the week. My final post on this event will introduce you to some of these glorious people.

The gala was just great fun! I wish I could even remember something specific, but it was sensory overload.

But I do remember one thing. Quite a few years ago, I had a very meaningful conversation with someone at a GNO in a dump in Warren, Ohio. A very long and personal conversation with the lovely woman in transition. I had not seen her since this evening.

We talked again for quite a while, in a personal and meaningful fashion. Many of the conversations at these events are superficial. My two encounters with this woman were very real, very special. I was bawling my eyes out with the simply joy of this connection.

Sorry for not being able to articulate more, but as Rod Stewart once said, Every Picture Tells a Story!


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  1. Kandi you are right nothing too special here but there you are being you being that special person only you can be

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