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Here comes the bride, yet again!

I love these two pictures. The first, up top, looks like a Keystone Kops caper my friend Nicole and I are pulling off! Nicole is a dear friend whom I became acquainted with in my most recent improv class. She is, as we say, vertically challenged. As usual, I look like Godzilla next to her in that photo. The day we met I told her I would get her a modeling gig. I delivered! And she LOVED it and because of that, I was ecstatic! The next photo is simply a grand photo of her highness sweeping down the runway.

April 30, 2023, my first of two consecutive Sundays on the runway. Joining on this adventure were my friend Terri, we were in the same movie a few years back and became friends at Ohio Fashion Week when we realized we knew each other while zipping one another into our dresses. You all know our girl and my BFF, Sherry. You do remember her, right? Finally, my fellow actress and all around amazing human being, Nicole. I chauffeured the crew to the Cleveland Convention Center for a bridal expo, of which we were some of the stars!

HMU or for you novices, hair and makeup, was at noon. We all quickly sat in chairs and after almost two hours, what you see here emerged. There is NOTHING more relaxing that having your makeup done, but two hours is a long time. Then again, I am a bit of a challenge!

I walked two dresses. I was just so happy. Happy to see Terri again and spend some time with her. Happy that Nicole loved the experience. Happy that I was able to get Sherry included and that she had a great experience. Happy to be one of 15 beautiful women, modeling beautiful gowns, for the beautiful Darlene aka Darlafoxx and her fabulous sister, Stephanie. Doing a show like this always interesting. There are 15 models, in every possible state of undress, in a small space, trying to get into beautiful gowns, trying not to step on trains, respecting that we collectively got to wear what I would estimate to be $40,000 worth of gowns. I have made friends that are black and white, teens and middle aged women and everything in between. I walked behind Autumn (to which I said then that makes me Winter…it went over a few heads). I had friends, some of whom are parents of my fellow models, in the audience. I gained a few new fans.

Now, in these circumstances, as I like to preach to the others, we are representing Darlene and this is her livelihood! She is the star of the show, not us. I become a bit of a Mother hen in these circumstances, as I am aware of everything happening and what needs to be accomplished. We are there to sell dresses!

This is business, so given the cramped quarters, quick changes, the pace of the show, photos are hard to come by. Here are just a few from the day. I look like I am squinting all the time, but I was not aware of that…until now.

And I may never take a better photo than that! Obviously, I am the least attractive of that bunch, but I was the thread that connected all of us and THAT is priceless!

We wrapped up the day with a few postgame cocktails (me) and french fries! Just four ladies getting to know each other better and talk. See the title above….bliss!

Ladies, I love you all! On days like this, I simply count my blessings and thank the good Lord for having my back because I have done my best to make life difficult.

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12 Responses

  1. It’s times like this and with my recent situation that I love to sit back, read you blog and for a little while this morning live my life vicariously through you my dear friend. You are living the dream of every crossdresser Kandi. Modelling wedding dresses is definitely on my bucket list. And who knows, the way my crazy life has gone lately I’m thinking anything is possible. Have a great day girl.

    Trish ❤️

      1. We’ll Kandi, there’s no question that you do please and very accomplished in doing exactly that my friend ❤️

  2. Thanks for sharing this Kandi . I would love to be there and do one of these shows with you all . Getting to spend the day getting make up and hair done and then getting to wear the most beautiful dresses sounds like a dream come true. Kandi , you are beautiful and a beautiful soul too , maybe one day I will get over to your part of the world and share some amazing experiences with you and your beautiful friends. We all have to have dreams. It’s what keeps us going . Thanks for everything you do , much love to you 🙂❤️

    1. Big love right back at you Chris! The welcome mat is always out.

      I know you are relatively new here, but I have hosted and posted about a few friends coming to visit Kandi’s Land! Always a great time!!

      1. Thanks Kandi , you are really making me feel welcome here and I’m very grateful. I would dearly love to meet you one day .

        1. Those that have met me can tell you, it was a big……nonevent!

          I would enjoy that Chris!! Not sure where you live, but I will be at Erie (Google “Lake Erie Gala”) in November.

  3. Hey Kandi I’m in Melbourne Australia, I can be your Australian representative. Maybe one day I will get to your part of the world or maybe you can get to mine. Who knows what the future holds . Be nice to spend some girl time together. 🙂

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