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Stop and smell the roses....

We just mourned the loss of Robin M Lawrence.

I remember chatting with her many times as I coached her through her transition and relationships issues. I knew she was ill but I wasn’t aware how ill.  Even with her cancer, she was still on her female journey. Now that’s what I call dedication and living every day to the max. 

Many aren’t so fortunate.  It’s once and done. Goodbye. Adios.  They never get a second chance.  It wasn’t an all of a sudden passing but an awareness and choice to squeeze every ounce of life she had left. 

I had a similar life-altering health issue fairly recently that had caused me to lose 60 pounds and get my life in order. 

Another incredibly important aspect of life jarring events is it causes us to appreciate all the beauty life has to offer.

>Conflicts become less important.  

>Money becomes less important. 

>True friends become MORE IMPORTANT.

I described one of my super-powers to someone on the cruise I recent on.  It was that I see things in slow motion.  I wasn’t aware of it until recent but I’ve had it ever since I could remember.

In sports when chaos is happening, I get calm. In business when unexpected things happen, I get calm.


As I go through my health issues, I can stop and appreciate the little amazing things around 


The best way to describe it is in critical situations I take a shower. Not in a literal sense but in a metaphysical sense.  Anxiety and fear washes away.

But it has a secondary benefit….

I see beauty everywhere.

Just like taking a bath, I feel beauty wash over me as if I am wrapped in beauty.

I feel the coziness of beauty surrounding me. Like a warm breeze, it encircles me.

I see beauty in the wind as I walk through it. I love when the breeze catches my hair and playfully tosses it around my face. 

Being in Florida now, it’s a perfect 75 degrees.  I love when the breeze is just the perfect temperature and the smell waifs through the air. I breathe it in. I take it all in.

I find that the more I appreciate the Beauty around me, the more she awakens within me.


I start to see the beauty, not only around me, but also within me. I was a bit surprised by that. But no longer. What a thought, is it not?

Why not allow Beauty to permeate your being?  Release the resistance and let her find her way to your soul. I’ve done that. I totally understand that you don’t have to go as far as I’ve gone but it was right for me and many will go farther than I. 


Like tiny little rivulets find their way to the sea, allow  Beauty to permeate your Soul. She’s been there all the time anyway. You just didn’t see her. Unlock her from inside you. She’s waiting.

Acknowledge beauty within you.  Appreciate Beauty around you. Let go of all the old programing that says otherwise.   



If you can see the beauty outside of you, it is only because it is within you already. Set her free! 

Allow that statement to go in and be accepted by your inner self and integrate beauty into your soul. 


Accept your new programming, knowing that you are beautiful inside and out. Accept that everyone else is also beautiful inside and out as well. Release any hate and anger you may have inside you. Hate and anger are the opposite of beauty and corrodes beauty. 

I believe beauty abounds and surrounds us all, we simply need the awareness to be able to see, feel and experience her. 

Be Strong.  💪 

Dr. Gwen Patrone


3 Responses

  1. Beautiful insight Gwen , thank you for sharing these inspiring thoughts with us. Much appreciated. 🙂❤️

  2. Very insightful. So you really do have to have beauty inside you to see it around you and in others? I hope this can help change my often somewhat negative outlook on life and people in general. I do love beauty but I tend to not see it so much and I believe the problem is with myself, my own insecurities etc.. and not with others. Just like I recently found out and overcame a fear of going out in public. Once I started, the fear quickly vanished and I even had no problem smiling at others. The fear is all internal, being around other people did not feel scary or threatening at all once I faced my fears. Surely the same applies to finding beauty all around you. I think it must come by pushing aside the negative thoughts and all focusing on the positive and good things around me. And most especially having and showing a love for all mankind. How can you not help but see only beauty when you show unconditional love to everyone? Thank you Gwen for these wonderful and insightful thoughts. It gives me a lot to think about and work on in my own character.

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