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There, I said it. 


Food teases with color, smell, texture and flavor just as you are warmed up with appetizers (foreplay). 

Have you ever brushed your teeth and then drank orange juice? HIDEOUS! Why? Because the toothpaste changes the flavor perception of your taste buds so whatever is eaten after is enhanced or …. not. If you meet the wrong person and the chemistry isn’t right, it’s like orange juice and toothpaste! Ewwww. 

It’s the same way with wine pairing. Certain wines go better with specific foods because they open up the flavor centers on your tongue to make what follows even more… SUCCULENT! 

Can you tell that I write allot? 

I see sex the same way. Sure, a wham, bam horny f*ck is great. But if you really want great sex, you’ve got to incorporate ALL your senses. 

I’m cooking Pho Beef Soup, Shrimp Summer Roll, Chicken Sandwich, Marinated Pork with rice vinegar dipping sauce and Vietnamese coffee. Then add dessert.  Most Vietnamese food is in preparation, the cooking part is short in comparison. 

I’m anticipating it like you feel when you see a sexy person that pushes all the right buttons for you. The tingle starts. The juices flow and…… the question arises…  

Devour it or Savor it? 

I’ll leave it there or FB (and our PG site here) will give me the bad girl strike. 

Be Strong 💪 

Dr. Gwen Patrone


4 Responses

  1. Gwen,
    I admit getting a great deal of satisfaction from cooking for others , whether it be a full roast lunch , a quick dash in the wok or a lovely summer carvery , naturally offered with the right wine or possibly cold beer . Do I relate it to SEX , I guess the answer to that is , ” That would be telling !! ” But in truth it’s usually a NO because my meals are for family and close friends .
    To be honest the sex part has is more on the back burner ( sorry , unintended pun !) being a full time transgender person but not on hormones my sexual preferences remain heterosexual , very few if any know me in male mode . I may flirt with both men and women but the full attraction remains with women , so I enter a grey area , if I’m accepted as a woman I’m not often going to be accepted as a lover . The slight problem with that is I’ve been hit on by men thinking I’m a woman and women who might be considering me a lesbian .

    I need to consider after being married for so long do I really want another partner ? As I’m always out and about I’ve made so many new friends I’ve come to the conclusion that having good dependable friends is preferable to a difficult close relationship . As many of us know a wife or partner can limit the number of friends for various reasons , I was more lonely as a married man than I now am as Teresa .

    Is food really like sex ? Personally the answer would have to be NO , having a meal with a group of friends is a wonderful sharing experience , how many of us have fond memories of those gatherings ? There was very rarely any expectaion that something intimate would result , it was usually just nice to take to your bed after with a head slightly spinning with wine and a contented stomach .

    1. Teresa,
      Wow what a great response!
      I was lonelier as a married man than single as Teresa. Interesting point and very valid. I know so many like us in the same predicament. I’m committed but so much long to see what I like and don’t. What’s one to do? Perhaps a post for another time.

  2. Mmmm, sounds delicious. I have a great Vietnamese restaurant close to me. I was in Vietnam in 67/68 but didn’t eat much local food there. 25 people wow ! You must be a great chef.

  3. Terri,
    Thanks. I do try. I was being a little sarcastic in this piece but it’s the love of the process and experience of food tied to a comparison of sex.

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