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Another angle on things.....

We’ve all seen the ad series by the cosmetic company Maybelline that says, “Maybe she’s born with it”.

It’s brilliant in that it questions weather she’s wearing makeup at all which is fortifying the brand of Maybelline. It’s so good, you can’t even tell she’s wearing makeup.

But I’d like to dive deeper into the concept of “Born with it”.

You might be thinking, “OK Gwen, where the heck are you going with this?”

Well, hang with me as I dive deeper.

You’re whole and complete just as you are.  In other words… YOU’RE BORN WITH IT.

We’re so caught up looking for external stimuli, Likes, Clicks, and validation to tell us we’re not as bad as we think we are. 

You’re already fully resourced from birth with everything you need to become who you were meant to be.

To my Transgender friends, that includes you.  You were born this way. It’s who you are.  Yes, there are many shades of the rainbow.  You are born with it.

Have you tried to purge all aspects of her from your life?  Yeah… she always comes back because she never left you.  She’s just waiting.


It’s fun to put on makeup to enhance to be sure. But don’t we all wear makeup in one sense or another?  Not in a cosmetic sense but the clothing we wear, car we drive, home we live in are all examples of external makeup.

There’s a more basic part to this that I’d like to dive deeper which can serve to make your life a little more fulfilling.


I’m referring to skin but in essence I mean your spirit. Your spirit (life force), is a complex combination and is unique to you.  Own it. Embrace it. Cherish it.  There’s no one else quite like you.

Be free from the need to look outside yourself for validation or approval. You only need to approve of yourself.

So many of my crossdresser friends are petrified to even go out of their abode for fear of what people will think. I’ve written about it many times. I too, had a bout with this. I call it “Frozen at the front door”.  I overcame it by understanding myself better.

Your life accomplishments may be impressive, but you must define yourself by other measures. 

Are you a good and kind person? 

Do you take care of those around you? 

Are you a good friend and family member? 

Do you put people above money and accomplishments?

In order to fully be content, start by being satisfied with who you really are. You were born complete and have been complete ever since. Nothing is lacking in your life. The whole world belongs to you. You are whole in everything you do.

Get to a point so you’re able to embrace all aspects of yourself, warts and all.  Strive to experience your completeness in everything you do.

Allow all aspects of yourself to be exposed to the world because both you and they will be all the better for it.  Allow that small part of you that wants to speak out to be heard and give all parts of you a voice.  This includes embracing the whole you.

Avoid judging, denying, or rejecting any part of yourself.  Then embrace your totality and appreciate your wholeness. 

Always remember, you are whole and complete just as you are.

In conclusion, be satisfied with your completeness. Be grateful that you can appreciate yourself just as you are today and give yourself permission to be just as you are… a beautiful person.

Be Strong 💪 

Gwen Patrone 



5 Responses

  1. Gwen,
    On a very fundamental level we are lucky to be human beings , we are the only living being on this planet who can express oursleves in this way .

    I’m not sure if I agree totally that we are born complete , our lives are shaped by the effect of those around us , we partly achieve what we do from interaction with them . As for dressing/trans needs I agree I was born this way but it took my action and those of others thoughout my life to shape what I am now . If I changed those basic ideals I would possibly be a totally differnt person with differnt aperations and a different outcome .

  2. I think it took me a long time to accept this is just who I am, I saw so many manly men in my life and it was hard knowing I would just never live up to that
    But I do believe God had other plans for me for whatever reason and now I just embrace my variant gender.
    Just be you as the saying goes

  3. Not only is being born with it correct but it is something the TG community should emphasize. Those who think trans is nuts write about or interview folks who transitioned and then eventually went back to their original gender thus proving we are nuts. But in every case like this which I have encountered the subject involved faced all kinds of health,mental or social problems . None of them were aware of being trans right out of the box. Now they are being used against us

      1. Sorry, Kandi, there is a party in the US that supports those who are LGBT and there is a party that attacks LGBT individuals, so to refer to politicians is inaccurate. There are also media outlets, at least those not aligned with the Republican party, that present truthful info about the trans community.

        On the whole, it’s pretty clear that on the whole people are a lot more accepting now, as you and I discover every time we go out.

        It is a distinct minority that continues to vilify LGBT folks, for their own personal benefit.

        Make those small minded individuals pay the price by firing them in November.

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