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Gwen's writing always makes me think, this may be one of her best! Simple and profound.

Change is inevitable. We can be devastated by it and wonder WTF just happened or create the change we want in our life.

Most react to the external stimuli happening around them.  The self aware person uses change like a sailboat uses wind. Changing their sails in order to have the change carry them to their goals.

With that being said….

Let’s tackle the self awareness aspect and setting the sail.

1.  Learn how to make changes in your life. 

2.  Use effective planning to guide your actions. 

3.  Ask yourself why you need to make this change.

4.  Create an intention statement. “I plan my actions using my Action Plan”.

When you experience an obstacle or resistance, notice it. Acknowledge the emotion that comes up. Then take appropriate actions to address the situation (SETTING YOUR SAILS).

Keep track of your progress by writing about your experiences in your journal. Write about your successes to help you stay focused.

Always continue to grow and evolve. Use your unique gifts and talents to develop your career and relationships. Use your intuition and spiritual guidance to guide your choices.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to fail. You can make mistakes and learn from them and release any feeling of fear.

We are here to learn lessons. 

When something happens outside of your intentions, seek to understand it and grow from it. Know that each experience is an opportunity to learn.

Learm to love the process of change, experience and growth.  Learning new things is exciting!

Honor yourself by taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Nurture your spirituality and find ways to deepen your relationship with your higher power (God).  Seek out opportunities to connect with nature.

In conclusion, be dedicated to living in balance and growing new areas of your life. Your focus is on living a joyful life. Through reflection, you can adjust your goals in a way that inspires you to become the very best version of yourself .

Some things to think about…

1. What can you do today to move toward greater happiness and fulfillment?

2. Where can you make a change in your life today?

3. Which changes have helped you the most in life?

Be Strong 💪 

Gwen Patrone 



4 Responses

  1. Hi Gwen,
    Do I have to admit it’s a sign of old age ? but I not always comfortable with change . I know at times we may look back with rose tinted glasses but often we don’t see change happens for the better . To a p[oint we reach an age where we become cynical of change , possibly something the younger generation inflict on us .
    To take a cue from you I must consider what changes were for the better ? Becoming Teresa was a change I didn’t expect to happen so that took all your suggestions to work , even battle my way through . Perhaps I should consider it being such a major change it’s all I ever needed in my life but then humans aren’t like that . To be honest I don’t want an electric car my old Volvo does all I need very well . I don’t think people realise the full implications in the changeover but then it’s not a choice we will be free to make .
    That is possibly the crux of changes , do we open minded go along with them all or do we dig our heals in and say no ? The answer is possibly dictated by the question of how much we trust the person or people attempting to make the changes ?
    While it’s not so much a problem in the UK the bathroom usuage debate in the US has swung one way and then the other , people went so far in accepting the changes and then made a U turn . Do you continue to fight or accept they were right ?
    The important point we mustn’t overlook is that in our countries we are free to debate change , some people don’t have that freedom .

  2. Teresa,
    Thank you for the well thought out and in depth reply.
    Everything needs to be done in moderation. I’m referring to which changes that present themselves to us. We evaluate them based on our values and vision of our future.

    Change for the sake of change is not good.

    We then selective choose what we’re wii g to embrace regardless if we’re ready to implement. Meaning that some things we are changing need us to grow personally more than others.

    I’ve always chosen to puck my battles in that some things to me are not worth stressing over so I let it go. I release it as an anxiety point. Others I may say, that’s interesting. Let me research that. While others I’m all in from day one.
    Expanding beyond our comfort zone when older is indeed much tougher. Let’s face it, if we “F” Up, there’s not much time left on the clock to correct the error in judgement. But as a physiological aspect, our mental muscles regarding tolerance for change become stiffer and more rigid. Over the years of our lives, the more we don’t use this muscle, the more atrophy happens as it deteriorates.

    I hope that helps.


  3. Hi Gwen,
    Nothing to do with age then ?? I sometimes get so engrossed and then click ” send” before I realise my mistakes .
    I must admit it made me think when was the last time I was really annoyed , to be truthful I can’t remember . So I have had some good changes in my life , some may not consider divorce a plus , it was sad but inevitable after 45 years . Some may not consider living alone a good thing but to accept Teresa and build a life round that choice has been like a second life for me . So I did embrace those changes , I did have certain goals which I’ve accomplished . Is it good to have a bucket list ? I think it is .

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