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Overcoming Failure is a Learning Experience

Is failure a stepping stone for growth?


We’ve all felt that way in our lives. For most of us, many times.  But is failure a stepping stone for growth?

Yes, but only if we learn from it.  Let’s go down the rabbit hole.

The title of my piece is…

“Overcoming failure is a learning experience”

Failure is an opportunity for growth. I have learned so much from failing during my 60++ years on this rock.

Let me describe my point of view through my experiences.

When I fail, I learn a lot about myself. I gain insight into my strengths and weaknesses. I understand how to grow and change.

I learn to cope with failure by using humor and laughter.  Those that know me, are aware of this and know that i lover to laugh and never take thibgs overly serious. It gives me a chance to examine my reactions and think about how I would handle any situation differently with a different outcome.


I see most things in slow motion.  I have always had this ability but it’s gotten better as I was made aware of what it really was.  As situations happen, I get calm and can scan through what’s happening to make more sound decisions rather than acting out of emotion or an impulsive reaction to outside stimuli.

It makes me more aware of my surroundings and what I might run into next time. I become more careful about taking risks.

In failure, I find out how to handle obstacles effectively. This is a brilliant tool, and it allows me to become a better human being. I choose to view every failure as an opportunity to learn, and I always try to learn something from my failures.


When I fail, I avoid beating myself up or berating myself. Instead, I use my experiences to help me become a stronger person.

If I feel like I am having an awful day, I look back at my history of failures. I look at how I have grown, which reminds me of how far I have come.


I know that every day presents a new learning opportunity for me. I have faith that regardless of how bad today may seem, I can be better tomorrow than the day before.

I choose to view my failures as opportunities for personal growth. I can continue to improve my skills and knowledge.

Try Asking Yourself These Questions:

1. Where does failure occur in my life?

2. How can I develop tools to deal with failure and learn from my mistakes?

3. What would I tell someone who says every day brings a new challenge?

Life is about choices.  We choose to be a VICTIM or a VICTOR. We choose to be in constant REACTIONARY MODE or to DICTATE The DIRECTION OF OUR FUTURE.

We are the CREATOR or our lives. We CREATE through our CHOICES and our REACTION to what happens to us.

My interpretation from Viktor Frankl, author of the classic book, “Man’s Search for Meaning”…

There’s a brief window of time between stimulus and how we respond.  In that space is where we can elevate ourselves beyond circumstances.  We choose how we will respond, regardless if it results in success or failure.

Be Strong 💪 

Gwen Patrone 



4 Responses

  1. The problem is we can’t always recover from failures and sadly the World does not appear to learn form them .
    I agree to apoint but age does creep up on you and failures are something it becomes harder to recover from . I’m still very capable of still doing most DIY jobs but I don’t have the same capacity to recoiver from near disasters .Perhqps the majority of people learn when to say NO , I no longer attempt jobs like that .

  2. The saying ” You learn by your mistakes ” I believe is important to teach young people. Better yet is to learn by others mistakes. As far as I know there has never been a time in this world there hasn’t been a war somewhere. Unfortunately the world hasn’t learned by their mistakes

  3. Nice article Gwen.
    As a child I always feared failure because if the loser stigma I attached to it. Over time sports gave me a different outlook after witnessing failure over and over again without stigma attached. Strikeouts in baseball, fumbles in football, missed putts in golf etc. helped me see it’s just a process. It’s part of life and you have a choice to improve with practice or accept your results the way they are.

    Crossdressing is the same thing in that you will get out of it what you put into it. The more time you invest in learning what, why, and how the better your outcome will be. It’s truly a joy to watch a crossdresser who has just recently ventured out improve her look every time you see her. As she learns she blossoms like a flower.

    1. Micki,
      The more time I was able to put in showed my crossdressing was the outward sign of my inner feelings . Flowering to me meant taking the steps into living full time in the gender I’m more comfortable with .

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