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Accept the limitations holding you back and release them, and open yourself up to infinite possibilities.

No, I don’t mean the river in Egypt, silly.

Rather, I’m referring to you and your thought process.

My topic today is…

Acceptance of limitations leads to greater possibilities.

Perfection is an illusion, and I believe that there are always things outside of our control. What we must do is accept our limits, know what we can change, and let go of everything else.

Know you can be free to focus on what you can control, learn from each new person and experience and become wiser each day.  Being wiser will allow you to make sound decisions regarding a myriad of issues spanning from personal to professional.

You can start the process by letting go of unrealistic expectations, and letting go of controlling the final result, and instead, love yourself enough to know that you’re good enough. Limitations help you grow because you learn how to accept, solve problems, and adapt.

When you struggle with an issue or circumstance, practice observing your feelings and the situation at hand. Go within yourself to understand why you’re struggling. Then you can find new insight and either solve the issue or make changes in your life.

View problems as opportunities to improve yourself, gain new knowledge, or ask for help and learn new wisdom. Practice acceptance, expand Your horizons, and grow.

Thing deeply INTO these questions…

1. Am I accepting of my limitations?

2. Is there something I want to try but fear I might fail?

3. How does accepting a limitation lead to greater possibilities?

Release yourself from beliefs and habits that limit your growth and replace them with the practices that improve your life and move you closer to your goals and dreams.

Your inner child is healing and learning every day. Your adult self keeps pace, supporting your growth.

Today, your inner child is capable of anything. Accept the limitations holding you back and release them, and open yourself up to infinite possibilities.

Be Strong.

Gwen Patrone 



3 Responses

  1. You are so right! I think the biggest falsehood being foisted on young people (it seems forever) is, “You can BE, or you can DO ANYTHING you set your mind to”! While, there are so many arguments as to why this is untrue, perhaps the best is from that great philosopher, Dirty Harry who said, “A man’s got to know his limitations”!

  2. Darn Gwen, you really do have me thinking, and since at my age, I have the ‘processing power’ of a Commodore 64 it takes me a bit of time to compile my thoughts. But I just recalled a quote (and I don’t remember from whom), that “Limitations result in creativity”! I think that says so much!

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