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Story time!

This is written as a sonnet with an overarching all love theme. Two individuals fall in love. This is a society with no gender. Everyone is neither male nor female. Choosing either gender is not only frowned upon but you are arrested and sent to a psych ward where your desires to be a gender is taken away to again blend and be like everyone else.

Our two find one another. One male and one female but initially hesitant to share their feelings and revealing their gender or risk being taken away.

Love prevails and they find secret rendezvous and stolen moments only to have a tragic ending.

This has many similarities to today only opposite in some aspects in order to provide an interesting story.



Part I

In realms of unity, where shadows blend,

Two souls of light did meet and intertwine,

No gender’s rule to bend or rules defend,

Yet love’s sweet whisper brought their hearts to bind.

A secret bloomed, for each the truth concealed,

For one was he, the other she, in grace,

In fear and trepidation, truth revealed,

As mirrored love reflected in each face.

By night’s embrace, they danced on gilded wings,

In hidden corners, love’s sweet rhapsody,

In stolen moments, love’s euphoria sings,

Though danger loomed, their hearts refused to flee.

For in this world where oneness held the key,

Two souls defied, in love, eternally.

Part II

Their whispered dreams, in shadows softly spoke,

Of lives entwined, yet bound by unseen chains,

In quiet defiance, hearts’ desires awoke,

Two renegades, against the tide of pains.

They ventured forth, with every step, they dared,

As passion’s flame engulfed their hidden fire,

Each tender touch, a secret language shared,

A language known to none but their desire.

In shadows’ arms, they forged a world apart,

Where love could bloom, unbridled and uncaged,

And in the twilight, hand in hand, they’d start,

A journey new, as fear and love engaged.

For in this place where none could understand,

Love’s rebels found a sanctuary grand.

Part III

In silent glades and moonlit groves they met,

Each stolen kiss a treasure, close concealed,

As cautious eyes around them vigil kept,

Their love’s rebellion strengthened, unyielded.

With every breath, their courage burgeoned more,

Yet, fate’s cruel hand still lingered in the air,

The risk of losing all they held before,

Could not suppress the love that blossomed there.

Two souls entwined, they braved the world outside,

Defiant hearts, they challenged fate’s decree,

Their love a refuge, sanctuary, and guide,

A place of solace from the world’s ennui.

In this brave world where gender’s face was none,

They dared to love, as two, yet merged as one.

Part IV

As seasons passed, their love grew strong and bold,

Against the chains that sought to hold them down,

Each fleeting touch, a story left untold,

Their whispered vows, a promise, love’s sweet crown.

Yet, in the darkness, threats still roamed and prowled,

The world outside their haven, unforgiving,

Unyielding rules, a sentence, harshly growled,

To strip them of the love that kept them living.

But fearless, still, they fought to keep their fire,

To nurture love’s sweet flame in darkest hours,

United by a bond that none could tire,

In secret gardens, sheltered ‘neath love’s bowers.

Two hearts entwined, a love that none could break,

For in each other’s arms, their solace take.

Part V

One day she came home finding her lover taken away. Only to meet with his gender taken away and love lost.

One fateful day, her world was torn asunder,

Her lover taken, love’s sweet chord was severed,

The home once filled with whispers, warmth, and wonder,

Now empty, cold, and heartache’s tears delivered.

In cruel grasp, the world had claimed its prize,

His gender stripped, his essence torn away,

Love’s flame, now smothered, in his hollow eyes,

A life once vibrant, turned to cold dismay.

She grieved the loss of love that once was theirs,

A union strong, defying fear and strife,

Now shattered by the cold, unyielding stares,

Of those who sought to steal their way of life.

In love’s demise, she mourned her stolen treasure,

A hollow heart, where once was love’s true measure.

Dr. Gwen Patrone

Amazon has just published my book TRANS TRUTH.

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I also donate a portion to LGBTQ charities.


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