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A lovely story with a point to be made!

A story about finding the true beauty of your authentic self

Once upon a time, in a lush green forest, there lived a female peacock named Penelope. She was a kind-hearted and spirited peacock, but she couldn’t help but feel envious of the magnificent feathers that adorned the male peacocks. Their vibrant, iridescent plumage shimmered in the sunlight, attracting attention and admiration from all creatures in the forest.

Penelope yearned to be as beautiful as the male peacocks. She would often sit alone near a tranquil pond, staring at her plain and dull feathers, dreaming of a transformation that would make her truly stunning. Her desire for beauty consumed her thoughts, and she became deeply unhappy with her own appearance.

One day, as Penelope was moping near the pond, a wise old owl perched on a nearby branch and noticed her sadness. The owl, known for its wisdom and insightful advice, decided to approach Penelope.

“Dear Penelope,” the owl hooted softly, “why do you carry such a heavy burden of discontentment?”

With teary eyes, Penelope replied, “Oh, wise owl, I yearn for beauty. I wish to have feathers as resplendent as the male peacocks. I feel incomplete without such beauty.”

The owl nodded thoughtfully, understanding Penelope’s struggle. It then shared a tale with her, a story of humans grappling with similar desires.

“In the land of humans,” the owl began, “there once lived a man named Thomas. He was a gentle soul who harbored a deep desire to be beautiful like a woman. Thomas felt that he would be truly complete if he possessed the grace and elegance that he perceived in femininity.”

Penelope listened intently, intrigued by the tale of Thomas.

“One day, a mystical being heard Thomas’s heart’s desire and decided to grant him a wish. Thomas woke up the next morning, transformed into a stunningly beautiful woman. He had flowing hair, delicate features, and a radiance that captivated all who laid eyes upon him.”

“However,” the owl continued, “Thomas soon realized that beauty alone did not bring him true happiness. He discovered that his worth and fulfillment did not lie solely in his outward appearance but in the acceptance and love he had for himself. He yearned to be appreciated for who he truly was, beyond any external attributes.”

The peacock pondered the owl’s words, finding parallels between Thomas’s story and her own.

“Penelope,” the owl concluded, “beauty is not confined to one form or gender. True beauty is found within, in the kindness, compassion, and authenticity that one carries. Embrace and celebrate your uniqueness, for it is that which makes you truly beautiful.”

Penelope realized the wisdom in the owl’s words and felt a newfound sense of self-acceptance. She spread her wings, displaying her plain feathers proudly, and danced gracefully with the wind. The other creatures of the forest watched in awe as Penelope’s genuine beauty shone through her confidence and inner radiance.

From that day forward, Penelope embraced her own beauty, cherishing the uniqueness of her plumage. She became a symbol of self-acceptance and inspired other peacocks and creatures of the forest to celebrate their individuality.

And so, the tale of Penelope, the peacock who desired the beauty of the male peacocks, taught all who heard it that true beauty lies not in appearances but in embracing and celebrating one’s authentic self.


Sometimes, we feel transitioning is the right thing for us to do, and maybe it is. However, doing it for the right reason is critical for your physical and mental wellbeing. You must be in sync both inwardly and outwardly or no matter how far you transition, you still will not be happy with yourself. It’s like a missing piece of yourself you can’t locate because it comes from inside yourself. No amount of exterior changes or hormones can fill the void. 

My book Trans Truth, endeavors to assist you in finding that balance and aiding you in finding your happy place, be that in transitioning or a where else on the gender spectrum. 


Dr. Gwen Patrone


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