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Well done, Gwen!

Down the rabbit hole I go……

I was inspired by a post today from a dear friend Effie Jayne and I felt compelled to expand on my comment in her post.

They say to not make posts about religion and politics. This goes beyond religion and effects the psychological balance of many in the LGBTQ community.

Does GOD still love me?

So many of us that have or continue to be religious feel guilty. 

I was brought up in a religious family.  Guilt caused me to bury my feelings for 40 years only to re-discover it later in life.  

“You’re not supposed to think that!”

“Those impulses are wrong. You’re a bad person to think that way.” 

“You’ll go to hell” and on and on.

I’ve always been a person that doesn’t take things at face value. I prefer to go deeper and ask myself more profound questions.

“Why would I think like that?”

“How does the universe work?”

“What does religious mean?”

I see things in shades of grey and rarely black and white which is why it’s rare for me to get angry.

My superpower is that I see things in slow motion.

I’ve gone to a spiritual rather than regions path.  In my coaching and mentoring courses, I attempt to explain universal laws that govern us all, why we think as we do and the reason for results we have currently. Then, how do we change them.

Wow. That was sooooo deeeeeep.

If we are all energy, a YIN/YANG balance of male and female energy, whose to say we can’t be different combinations of that energy rather than what authority figures deem as 100% one way or the other?

I’m exploring what my balance is. Is it 50% male and 50% female? 90-10? 60-40? 40-60? 

We shall see.  

But everyone is different. It’s only when we break free from the shackles of our man-made prison can we become all we can be.

Having GUILT hover over us is like trying to live life full out but with a speed break engaged.

I feel G.O.D. the Grand Overall Designer knew me and gave me this dual energy balance/combination of male and female and gave me the power of choice. I feel the guilt comes from man-made societal norms created from a human interpretation.

GOD creates energy (which we all are) perfectly and abundantly.  This body is to just move around in this physical reality.  I was created perfect in his eyes.  Societal norms gradually sculpted me to live as they deemed “normal”, whatever “normal” is.


Am I off base? On the mark or somewhere in the middle?  I’d love to read your thoughts.

Be Strong. 💪 
Gwen Patrone 



5 Responses

  1. Gwen, I prob have a little different perspective than you but yes God does love me and you and all of us
    Yes we do make choices and while I too have struggled with my faith over this part of me I know that God loves me and He looks into my heart , not what I’m wearing or how I’m presenting
    Most of us are fully male or female our whole lives but yes there is that small minority that are born different and I tend to lean on how some Native Americans see it that we are two Spirt folks one female and one male
    I hope in time Christian’s will look at the person and stop judging for what they see and love one another as Christ taught us

  2. Did GOD inform you of your ‘unloved’ status?
    WHY should you ‘buy in’?
    Like other things in America, I suggest you ‘shop’ around– and take your ‘tithing’ with you.

    Please quit beating yourself up!
    AND stop allowing OTHERS to ‘beat you up’.

  3. Gwen,

    Thank you for asking the question, as I fear that many feel judged (and unfortunately we often equate the judgment of others for God’s judgment, especially when that judgment is wrapped in theological paper). I was fortunate, having been born into a religious family that believes in showing love, and so I have never felt unloved because I have this small difference. I note that people who want an “other” to blame for their troubles often wrap themselves in religious, nationalistic, or other ideological terms. People in places with no faith tradition do it just as much. Rather than buying into that way of thinking, I choose the road that is marked with the sign that says “love one another, without conditions”


  4. Practicing the Golden Rule is not a religion or even mentions God, but it’s a great start no matter how you fit in to our society.

    The Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as one wants to be treated. It is a maxim that is found in most religions and cultures.

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