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Each day this year you are bringing forth your femme harvest. 

What the heck is Aunt Gwen talking about today?  I know you’re telling yourself that right now.  But if you have the courage to keep reading, I’ll explain.


💥You are the Gardner of your FEMINIZATION GROWTH.

You prepare the soil.

You add fertilizer.

You plant the seeds.

You water the seeds.

You pull the weeds.

You add Miracle Grow.

You keep away the pests.



The soil, seeds, weeds are just a metaphor for your life.  Let’s explore.

As the femme Gardner, have you done your best to cultivate the soil from the year before (your beliefs). Have you composted recyclable clippings from what you’ve learned from that last harvest. Have you grown from those experiences. If you’ve prepared your soil (quality thought), your soil will be nutrient-dense, After all, you become what you think about.

Have you planted healthy seeds into your balanced soil.  Are you sprinkling the seeds with positivity, forgiveness, compassion, and non-judgement. Patience grew on it’s own. 
I certainly hope you water and care for these femme seeds, ensuring that they receive a balance of water and sunshine. 

FEMNE GARDNER knows that too much or too little of these will make a difference in what she harvests. 

Sunshine represents the environment in which you’ve planted. Knowing what has worked well and what has not is from your experiences. You have grown tremendously over the years, haven’t you?


You must weed out toxic people as they’ll choke your femme dreams. Time can also do. Make sure to weed out some time-wasting activities that fail to contribute to a bountiful femme harvest. 

Add some POLLINATORS to bring in the beauty of butterflies. The music of the spheres has come through the bird song. The sound of buzzing bees throughout the season gives you the feeling that all is well in you femme journey.

These POLLINATORS I just mentioned, are events you attend, groups or and friends that not only support your journey but assist it to grow and are not afraid to tell you when you’re off course.

In closing, when it’s time for you to reap your Femme Harvest, you can look back and assess what has worked better for your life and what you want to bring forth into your future harvest. You can say, “All in all, it has been a good harvest”.

A good farmer also asks good questions.

1. What have I harvested this year?  Am I happy with my crop?

2. What have I weeded out of my life?

3. What do I want to “seed” for next year?

Be Strong. 💪 
Gwen Patrone #TransPreneur


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