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An Adult Beginner – Thoughts and Musings

This post pleases me to no end!

By Kris Burton

Hello everyone. My name is Kris, and I am a crossdresser.

I know that sounds like an introduction one might give at a 12 step program meeting, where a person might go in an attempt to overcome the demon of addiction. Some have even gone as far as to refer to their crossdressing inclination as an addiction that they wish could be cured. I am not one of those. For me, crossdressing is very much an integral part of my psychological well being. I am also very much a beginner, a newbie – having begun my active CD journey about a year and a half ago…

…at age 69.

When persons discuss their CD journey I always mention my late start, and I often hear the response “What a late bloomer!” or “What took you so long?” I suppose it does seem like that, and for a time I thought my story was well outside the norm, but I know now that it is hardly unheard of.

The vast majority of persons I’ve talked to relate tales of their dressing that go back to their childhood or pubescent years. For whatever reason, I had no crossdressing experiences as a child or teen, and I can honestly say the thought never even crossed my mind. In fact, I did not have any experience at all until age 29. One evening I “jokingly” tried on one of my wife’s nightgowns. After we both laughed, she asked if I liked it. I said no, but I lied big time – I loved it! Exhilarated and yet taken aback by my exuberant reaction I did not do such a thing again for several years. I will confess that during this moratorium I often found myself desiring to explore my awakened proclivity, and after a few years I did have several private skirmishes with some of my wife’s pantyhose and a particularly lovely yellow dress. It would soon stop though, as I felt I had fallen into kind of a fetish and was behaving in a manner way over the top.

Ah, where is that nightgown and yellow dress now that I can fully appreciate it!

It would be at least 30 years before I would experiment again while my wife was out of town. This time I would I acquire some garments that were my own – pantyhose, panties, some inexpensive heels and a kimono robe which I still have. The fact that they were my own garments seemed to seal the deal. With this, I experienced the sensual pleasure and euphoric release described so accurately by many – except rather than as a teenager, as a retired 69 year old educator, father of two adult children with a wife of 41 years. Still, there seems to be a common a pattern that all of us share no matter when we began – early beginnings and attractions (my wife’s clothes, she was and is a very stylish dresser), a period of clandestine and sporadic experimentation (with some of my wife’s garments), a period of denial (30+ years in my case), followed finally by full acceptance of active crossdressing ( for me when I acquired garments of my own).

At last I had embraced what was in my psyche for many years, probably implanted long before the nightgown incident. As I analyze it (in an amateur, armchair way of course) it seems my experiences are much the same as those who began as youngsters, the only difference was age and the amount of time in between. In short, it just took me a longer time to come around…a lot longer.

Some might regret the time lost, squandering the years when I – we – have the best possible physical appearance and the best “canvas” upon which to “paint” a persona and presentation. I am not in that number either. In spite of FaceApp showing me what the possibilities might have been, I am undaunted. In fact, I seem to have found a very significant positive. I have not experienced the guilt/shame syndrome which plagued so many of us in their younger years, some for their entire life. My only significant concern was how my wife would react, but I came out to her right away – well, within a week or two as I could not handle the stress at all. As such I avoided most of the deception which appears to be the most damaging component to marriages. My wife did have a period of adjustment to be sure, but it was not a contentious one. She has become quite accepting, even participatory up to a point, and has done much to tutor me in the dark art of makeup application.

I know I am one of the lucky ones, and as she puts it as long as I don’t try to pass myself off as female at the local policeman’s ball everything should be fine.

There also have been some positive side effects. I have found crossdressing has a wonderful “youthening” quality which I experience every time I dress. In many respects I’m like an exuberant little kid who has found something totally new, exciting and, yes, a bit edgy. I am devoid of a “been there, done that” attitude that can sometimes seep into even the things we enjoy as we become older. Learning how to use makeup is a big one for me, as I experiment with mascara, eyeshadow, blush and techniques as a 12 year old girl might. I also enjoy selecting outfits that match not only in color but in aesthetics, perhaps even pushing the boundaries of “age appropriateness”.

Crossdressing has also rekindled for me an interest in photography which I enjoyed many years ago. I do want to present the best image possible visually, and combining crossdressing with photography adds another layer of artistry to what I and many others consider to be an artistic pursuit. For me, the most exciting aspect of this has been in applying my fledgling skills by going into the community en femme, thus bringing my alter ego – my fantasy persona – into the real world. Even as my male self (a good 99% of the time or more) all of this has given me much more motivation to stay in shape and the positive benefits for my physical as well as mental health have been notable.

Soon, I will attend my first conference, at Keystone in Harrisburg PA. I am looking so forward to meeting many of the persons with whom I have been talking and sharing with online in person, exchanging stories like I have here and making new friends with our common interest. Perhaps best of all is the fact that I know that the next time I choose to dress I will experience the sensual euphoria once again.

So, even though my journey has begun late in life, it’s a part of me now, and I’m the better person for it.

I met Kris at Keystone and she is as delightful as I imagined!


11 Responses

  1. Kris,
    Welcome to the land of pretty. It’s never too late to enter.
    Count yourself as lucky to have a wife that is accepting.
    You have also found a secret, we need to stay in shape to fit our clothes. And the thinner we are, the nicer the clothes.
    At our age (I’m 68) we need an incentive to stay in shape.
    Now, have you figured out eye liner?

    1. Cali:
      Thank you – and the “land of pretty”(LOL – I’m going to need to remember that one!) does seem to be an inviting place. I think I’ve got eyeliner figured out – for me the look is part of the magnetic false eyelashes I prefer. I am not wild about the look, but its a necessity since I have few eyelashes of my own at this point and must use false ones. All part of the fun though – and enjoying every minute!
      All the best,

      1. I have wondered about magnetic lashes since I first saw them. I’m lucky I have genetically long lashes and take an eyedrop whose side effect is longer lashes. I wear mascara on a daily basis. False lashes can be fun, epecially the real long ones. And they are hard to put on right.
        How heavy are the magnetic lashes? How easy are they to apply?

        1. Hi Cali – false lashes are a must for me if i am en femme, as I have virtually none of my own and when i use mascara it is barely noticable My wife uses Latisse to enhance hers – works great but is a prescription enhancement. Besides you have to have some to start with!
          I have used two types of magnets so far – Ardell and Kiss . Neither are heavy, and both are easy to forget you are wearing any. Both require the use of the dedicated eyeliner I describe earlier. I have found the Kiss MUCH easier to apply, and their stay-on ability is greater too – I’ve had them on for many hours at a time, and have several types of lashes to choose from. You can even get them at your local drug store. Worth a try in my estimation if you are of a mind and feeling experimental!

          1. Thanks Kris,
            I have glaucoma, so I get the medical version of Latisse at a much cheaper price. And I several tubes of mascara used so far. Found out how to get them for free from Macy’s Clinque. One day I’ll get around to trying magnetic lashes.

  2. Kris, great post!

    Nice that you have a tolerant wife too. When you consider it, intolerance is illogical – I know that this is not what a lot of wives want to hear but it harms no one and makes us happy.

    And in the end, we have to live for the future, not the past. Your point about lost time is a good one – we can lament what might have been but regret gets us nowhere and we can’t turn back the clock so pointless trying. The future is where our opportunity lies and I hope that you continue to enjoy the new you for many years to come.

    1. HI Amanda – I’m glad you like my post, and I hope it has resonance for you. Regarding my marriage, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. In our almost 42 years together we have experienced many tough times and challenges, but my crossdressing has not proven to be one of them.
      Another great side effect of CDing is that it keeps me focused on the future and good times ahead, not ruminating about that which I have missed in the past. The best is yet to come – and I hope you feel that too!

  3. Kris, welcome the the land, yes we all have our stories
    I did start in my late teens and I knew at some point later it was more than the clothes
    It took me a long time to realize I was trans.
    Now I fully accept myself as trans, gender fluid and I pretty much live that every day.
    Again welcome

    1. Hi Rachael:
      Thank you for the welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed and could relate to my post – and congrats on your self realization as well. That can often be a hard road, but it looks like you have done it!
      All the best to you

  4. Well written, Kris, with an exuberance of discovery that is heartening, at least to me.
    I tested the waters at age 12 with my Mom’s lingerie.
    Then nothing until my 30’s.
    Finally, when empty nested, I really got into int in my 40’s and 50’s and now in my 70’s I have realized how important my femininity is in my life.
    You comment about feeing younger applies. I think it has helped me avoid the heart attack in their 50’s pattern of my Dad, Uncle and Grandfather.
    And when I shared some photos with my gender therapist, she said I not only looked happier but at least 10-20 years younger.
    I’ll gladly take that.
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. HI Crystal – Glad you like my article, and that it had resonance for you. The more I read and the more people tell me, no matter when you start there is a youthful exuberance that comes along with the discovery of crossdressing. I think that also extends to our presentation and persona as well, and it exudes outward. I’m 71 now, told I look no older than 50 (hope that;s true) and feel a lot younger than that. I know you know what I’m talking about, and it keeps me coming back with increased frequency!
      All the best,

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