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Scratching The Itch

Another walk into the Dee archives!

Once again I had a new orange top and the itch to get out (seems to be happening a lot lately). I wasn’t sure what the right bottom to go with the top so I chose three; some white slacks, my tan skirts, and my mom jeans.

First up was the white slacks with the orange top. I generally prefer longer tops with these white slacks as I’m never sure I’m not showing too much, if you know what I mean. However, the orange and white, while maybe a Dreamsicle, seems to work as a color combination. 

First stop was Plato’s Closet. Among thrift stores, I prefer Savers to Plato’s Closet, but for now, with the pandemic, the Savers change rooms are closed and Plato’s are open, so Plato’s it is (they are located about a quarter mile apart, so it’s as easy to visit one as the other). 

One item I don’t have in my wardrobe is a pair of torn blue jeans. The orange top seems to work with the torn jeans, but I guess I’m not sold on the torn look just yet.

The next stop was Designer Shoe Warehouse, as I like to check their discounted shoe racks, to maybe find a winner (generally, the answer is no). I changed into my tan skirt because I’m vain and I like showing off my legs (and wearing skirts is more fun than wearing pants/jeans, although the latter make it easier to blend). The tan and orange seems like a good combination too.

Besides the discount ranks at DSW, I will peruse the aisles. However, most of the choices aren’t in my size, so the pickings tend to be slim. Even though I often have some sort of a coupon for DSW, I don’t buy many pairs there, simply because there are so few choices.

From there I went to the local mall, and changed into my mom jeans with my Red Keds. Macy’s has tons of dresses on sale, but their dressing rooms are also closed, and I generally don’t like buying without trying on. They also have discounted shoes by size, so I stalk the racks and try on a few, but usually don’t find any winners.

The majority of my shoes were bought at Payless (plenty of choices in 11 Wide), but of course they went the way of the dodo. However, there is now a discount shoe outlet at the local mall, and they do have some choices in my size, like the platform heels. For the size of the heel, they were surprisingly comfortable, but I returned them to the rack (spoiler alert; I returned a couple of weeks later and bought them–a girl can never have too many heels).

My next stop was Dillard’s. Plenty of dresses, none as cheap as Macy’s, but their dressing rooms ARE open, so I got my fix trying a few on, but no takers.

I also needed a few things from the grocery store, so my final stop was there. Lately I’ve been challenging myself to do more errands while dressed, so I’ve been grocery shopping while dressed (using the self checkout). As all the stores require masks, it’s a little easier to do these days.


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