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Cleveland International Film Festival – Day Six

Let's see what our working girl is up to now.

This was principally an uneventful day, April 8, 2002. But having said that, it was amazing because I was just a woman at work, doing her job. Words many years ago unimaginable. Me……a woman………at work…….me…..doing HER job. Me!

I purposely went straight home from work without my usual Happy Hour visit because I became aware of a wonderful movie the following day, the final day of the in-person festival. We stream for an additional week. Also, the next day is the staff photo, closing ceremonies and after parties, but that will be discussed in my next post!

I wanted to get home and make dinner for my wife, as I wasn’t planning to go anywhere the next day. While I know a daily Happy Hour would not be good for me, every time I attended one during my time there, I made an amazing connection or had an awesome experience.

Here is my outfit, thrown together on the fly (something I rarely do), as a busy woman would probably have to do.


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