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Plexus Summer Soiree 2022

Remember, do your very best to be "you"!

July 29, 2022 I attended the Plexus Summer Soiree! Plexus is Cleveland’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce. I am a proud member and really enjoy these events.

Most of the photos you see here were taken at home, as I was trying to get from work on one side of town, back home across town to get ready and then back again for the event. I am glad I do so but it was a few hours of rushing.

I love the dress, the different hues of red and pink. The purse was a day-of purchase that helped bring the whole thing together. I was so pleased with the red purse, jewelry, lipstick and the pink shoes. Yet again, someone commented how well put together I was.

I may not say this enough here, but I am truly blessed and am so happy to be the woman that I have become. It gives me such pleasure to navigate the world, clearly not born female, yet to receive such love. I have no real stories to tell from the event, except the one below. I grabbed a bite to eat at a local place, sat at the bar, no issues before the event began. I hung with a few friends and met a lovely psychiatrist who Zooms our community and we had a delightful scream at each other (the endless DJ disco music made conversation difficult). I know, I am old but so enjoy the art of conversation.

The one quick story is typical of my experiences. I wander from the soiree over to the adjacent hotel bar. I strike up a conversation with a couple from NY in town for a wedding. The gentleman in this couple buys my drink, clearly referring to me as “she”. I would have been happy with the “she”, but a drink on top of it, wow! Just another example of my being seen as just another person, a person worth knowing, but regular, every day people. The world is a wonderful place, just tune out the idiots on both sides in the media and you too can have these experiences.

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14 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    Love the dress and accessories that you put together. The handbag makes the complete outfit.
    I just love your total picture…one very classy lady. I just wish that I had your courage to be out
    and about. I did wear my vionic black patent leather flipflops w/ 2″ heels and womens shorts out
    to breakfast last week.


    1. Davina, we’re all different. You took the first step and your confidence will continue to grow. Thanks so much for the sweet comments!!

  2. You wear clothes so well! Of course, having a model’s figure and a great fashion sense certainly doesn’t hurt!

  3. Kandi I love the outfit it is well put together and truly you have a gift for fashion
    I think it’s something you could expand on to help others but I’m not sure how
    Just speaking out loud
    Hugs Rachael

  4. I love the dress and the solid red/pink accessories you added to balance the print on the dress. Are those heart-shaped stones on your bracelet?

    It’s still a struggle for me to interact more with people, but I’m getting better, as you will read about soon!

    1. Just rubies on the bracelet. Tina, I am anxiously awaiting your next recent outing post. Tomorrow, we’ll slip back in time for a past Tina post.

  5. Once more you take a beautiful dress, gorgeous shoes and then with tastefully selected accessories you create a look that has me green with envy, the look is most certainly in the detail.

    1. Funny thing is that whole outfit was thrown together on the fly. I usually don’t go out on days I work so I have time for the “process”. I worked that day and threw it all together very quickly. Thanks so much, Faye dear!!

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