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Travelogue – Erie Day One

Four very full Kandi days!

November 17, 2022 I packed up everything I owned (okay, it just seemed like it) and headed to Erie.

On the way I stopped to visit my friends at Piece Unique. I hadn’t been in a while and it was just so much fun to see them again! I will get back much sooner and we discussed a little holiday get-together!!

The weather was awful! This was the bottom of that line of snow that literally buried Buffalo.

I got there in time to deal with a few Zooms for work and then saw my great friends! It was just so awesome to be back!

We changed for dinner that evening with some old and some new friends.

This jacket was a fabulous recent pick up and just made for a classy, casual look. Dinner was wonderful and then we spent that evening at the bar, along with many of the other girls in town. One candid photo taken by someone made me very happy!

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8 Responses

  1. Kandi, the jacket is fabulous, it’s a sleek look over the basic black of your outfit. The candid is so wonderful and shows the love you have for your friend. Can’t wait to see more pictures from the gala!

  2. Kandi,

    Love that photo. It says it all! Who you are and what you are all about. For those of you who don’t know Kandi yet, it is all about love!


  3. I enjoyed my 1st visit to Erie. Luckily the drive from Long Island wasn’t too bad and the weather there wasn’t terrible. I love going to events like Erie, Keystone, etc. Meeting other people like yourself is great therapy.

    1. Amen, sister! I had a bit of a tricky drive home, but not as bad as those poor souls in Buffalo. When I got to within about 10 miles of our home, it was sunny, dry and snowfree. See you at Keystone!!

  4. Hi Kandi, So glad you stopped in Piece Unique before driving to Erie. It is always a pleasure to see you and hear about your travels with friends. I love the blonde hair and the jacket and slacks look for dinner. You look fantastic. Glad you made it home without any trouble from the all the snow. Lisa and I were worried about you heading into the storm.

    See you soon!

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