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What I Was Able to Accomplish in 2022

My turn for a look back.

2022 was an interesting year. I did some amazing things, has some great opportunities, dealt with life’s frustrations. Here we go!

I walked two fashion shows during the winter New York Fashion Week.

Played two roles in the upcoming Troubadour Film’s “Calendar” including a key, but brief appearance at the very start of the movie. Check out the opening scene where yours truly has a prominent background role as a bartender (bit of a stretch for me, I know)!

Attended an amazing Keystone 2022.

Got my first actual job as a woman, seasonal staff for The Cleveland International Film Festival.

I ran the Boston Marathon, poorly but I did qualify and I did finish! Both significant accomplishments.

Filmed a background role in the upcoming Peacock production of “Shooting Stars”, the movie adaptation of Buzz Bissinger’s (Friday Light Nights) book on LeBron James’ high school basketball career.

Shot my first music video.

Had three photos published and wrote an article for a local wedding magazine.

A photo of me and three other ladies ran on a Times Square Billboard.

Inadvertently came out to two different friends (I accidentally did so, but could not have picked two better friends to come out to).

I was able to see myself on the big screen in three different movies; “Trapped”, “Grace & Mercy” and the big budget Netflix “White Noise”.

My “An Open Letter to Our Wives” made a difference in one ladies’ life (this may be my greatest accomplishment).

Spent time with two wonderful ladies in separate trips to visit me.

Shot another movie, directed by Ethan Coen, one of the famous Coen Brothers.

Had another wonderful trip to the Lake Erie Gala.

Miss December 2022.

I have now told my entire immediate family about my better half.

I was blessed to walk two bridal shows and am now a house model for Darlafoxx, a fabulous formal wear boutique.

Shared the big screen in conversation with Tom Hanks.

Got out, as best as I can tell, 133 times in 2022.

I got published, a lot! All of these happened in 2022.

Check out our latest big screen adventure!

I have written my first stand-up bit, working with my mentor, an actual working comedienne! Now, do I deliver it…..

Finally, my partners and I have begun to build a real community, one that sadly does not exist, for all of those ladies who are either crossdressers or are “transitioning in place”. Outside of my marriage and our children, Confident U will be one of my greatest accomplishments, both the end product and the collaboration with some wonderful human beings.

This place continues to grow organically. I believe once I get someone to visit, I can keep them interested, with our friends, with my adventures, with thoughtful posts by many, with the amazingly dependable Sun-Dee, with Gwen’s weekly pep talk, with the ability for maybe only a few moments, to be ourselves.

Despite all of this, we learned what a hateful platform Facebook has become. Not for what it did to me, but for what it has been doing to so many like us for years. I am sorry I only learned of this recently.


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  1. What a great year for you Kandi.

    And to think that 2023 will be even better for you, WOW.

    Look out world, here comes Kandi.


  2. Hi Kandi,
    It’s no wonder I call you ‘Wonder Woman’! You are amazing and I’m so glad I can call you friend. Thanks to you and your blogs my 2022 ended on such a high note it’s still hard to believe it has all happened. Starting with our girl friend putting me on to Kandi’s land and ending with ‘the letter to our wives. I read it once more and the tears flowed….again. My hope for 2023 is we finally get to meet and enjoy that bottle of wine that I promised you.
    This year I’m looking forward to the Confident U conference in Vancouver, more Dinner parties with the Cornbury society, 3 days in Kelowna with more of my girl friends from Vancouver and my weekly girls day out with a local girl friend that I met through one of the CD groups I joined. All with my wife’s blessings and because of one letter from you. Bless you and bless Kandi’s Land.

    Your eternally grateful friend,

    1. Trish ,
      I hope Kandi doesn’t mind the side issue but your location reminded me of a great family trip we had in a RV . Picked up just outside Vancouver and spent a great time in Banff and mosy places in between .

      Kandi ,
      It has been a great year for you , especially after the Covid lockdown . What does 2023 hold ? Well I wish you all the best with your new site , I hope I can still offer an input from my fulltime experiences .

  3. Hi Teresa,
    I actually live in Kamloops but not far from Vancouver. About a 4 hour drive in good weather. The trip you made is rather scenic isn’t it.

    1. Trish,
      If permitted perhaps Kandi could allow us to talk more by Email , she has my details . I would love to chat more about Canada and the trip we took .

  4. Yes Kandi it has indeed been an amazing year for you
    I truly enjoy your writing and you care and love for the trans community and know you are loved
    I pray your new year will be a success as you continue on this path forward

  5. WOW!
    You are wonderfully amazing and a fantastic ambassador for the rest of us.
    I see that you told your entire immediate family about Kandi. I was wondering how long you could keep it from them with your notoriety (e.g. Times Square Billboard). I hope it went well with your daughters, knowing how much you care for them.
    Since I am still in the closet (except for my wife) I enjoy reading about your adventures and being amazed by your adventures. Reading your adventures is at least partly responsible for giving me the courage to get out as Gracie, even if it is occasionally.\-peace

    1. Gracie,

      You will read about my getting outed later in the week. Except for my telling my wife, which made any of this even possible, it was fairly a nonevent with our daughters. They know, but don’t know the details and that’s oaky with me. I have no desire for them to get to know Kandi and as long as they don’t ask much more, I’m good.

      That Times Square Billboard was my 10 seconds of fame, fame only for the handful of people that may have even noticed.

      Anything that I can do to help a sister, in any way possible, is why I do this.

      Happy New Year Gracie and many, many more!

  6. Kandi,
    That is quite a list of accomplishments and you certainly should be proud of the many ways you represented the trans community in such a positive fashion.
    For me, 2022 was a major turning point in my life. On May 5, 2022 I walked out of the house dressed completely en femme for the first time and have not looked back since. I was out 127 times through year’s end and now spend the majority of my time, in or out, as Fiona. I expect 2023 will be a very interesting and fulfilling year.
    All the best,

    1. I want to congratulate you on finding a way to live life on your terms. I am so happy to have heard that and BTW, that’s literally going from zero to sixty in 2 seconds! You are amazing! Just the best way to start my day today!

        1. I think you can vouch for the fact that once you do experience the world though a woman’s eyes, there is no turning back!

          How cool is that! Love ya, Fi!

          PS Our readers would love to hear about your adventures…….

          1. Kandi,
            Funny you mention that because I actually have been thinking about writing an article. I have a germ of an idea floating around in my cranium and, if I can get it all down in a reasonably sensible fashion, I will contact you.

          2. Fiona, let me very clear about this; PLEASE WRITE IT!

            Thank you. ❤️

            In all seriousness, I don’t want to speak for my Contributors, but when I write something, it is always great to get positive feedback and/or someone tell a story of a similar experience. IT is very affirming!

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