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Always Good to Get Out

Another lovely solo flight!

I was invited to the soft opening of a spectacular new event space in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood, The Elliot. So on July 26, 2022, I gathered my posse (okay I flew solo as per usual) and off we went.

I had plenty of time on this day, so I took my time with my makeup and getting dressed and I headed out the door a few hours before I needed to. So, to kill some time, I went to a local mall and walked around.

This lead me to strongly consider adding a new nightie to my collection (I have now basically gone to wearing either a nightie or one of Kandi’s t-shirts to bed every night). Dillard’s was having the final days of its semi-annual clearance sale. This was the one that caught me eye.

I just could not pull the trigger. Not because of the nightie or the fit, but I stuck to my budget rules, it was out of my price range.

It’s always a treat, is always joyful, when I wear MY women’s clothing. I still get chills to think I own a drawer full of lingerie, a closet full of dresses, I have my own heels, purses, makeup, etc. I never take this gift for granted and I continue to evolve. But when I wear something like this that is so ultra-feminine, so sexy yet classy, I melt. That photo to the left is a vision of myself that I am unbelievably proud of. She is me and I am her.

In my recent Kandi is Joy post, I got a little brush back that Kandi is not her own separate being. Only I know how I feel, of course, but allow me to make one point. Kandi is indeed me, a very big part of me. But understand, I am not of her. I leave all the baggage and the world’s troubles behind when this girl gets dressed. So maybe I am Sybil, maybe not. Maybe this is how I feel today, maybe not tomorrow. Life keeps churning on and its various twists and turns always take us to different places.

Recently I attended to a networking function for live events and as a result, was invited to The Elliot opening. I sorta knew some folks, but mostly knew no one. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying myself, taking some photos (it’s what we do!) and chatting with some folks. They had a great taco bar and two bars serving complimentary cocktails. The DJ played the main hall with a little crooner-style trio playing downstairs.

A lovely evening, all in all!

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4 Responses

  1. Lovely day, and deservedly so!!!.
    I really enjoyed viewing your latest video. It must have been lovely revisiting the church.

    Faye x

  2. Kandi I agree that the really feminine attire that I wear and own also just make me feel like the girl I am
    Panties and bra’s especially.
    That is a lovely nighty, and that mustard top with that skirt a great combo

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