Halter Dress and Tri-Suit

Sometimes we live interesting lives.....

Sometimes we live interesting lives.

Timeframe, mid-June. 

Saturday night, just after midnight, I was in a casino in a halter dress.

Seven hours later I was in my Tri-Suit doing a 3 1/2 hour triathlon.

Saturday night was our St. Louis Gender Foundation dinner. It was hot out, suitable for a halter dress I had bought at an upscale thrift but hadn’t worn before. I have a “sister”  halter dress that is the same pattern and brand but a different print. The foundation also rents a changing room at the hotel where we meet, and as the hotel was closer to my race, I stayed the night.

After our meeting I drove to a nearby casino, where I met a fellow member (Sharon), so she took my picture sitting at the machine. I play video poker for big money: 5 cents a hand. I put in $20, and cashed out $20.40 for a big $.40 profit. I also had a nice discussion with Sharon, as she has a long time web site about her times out, and her site is how I found out about STLGF.

About 12:20 AM, a/k/a Sunday morning, I realized I needed to vamous because I was getting up at 4:15 AM to make my race, and I needed at least a few hours sleep. Of course, before I signed off, I needed a boudoir picture for my GG friend Renee, who enjoys all my pictures.

As to the race, the swim and bike times were decent, but the run was the three h’s; hot, humid, and hilly. It was near 90 degress with similar humidity and probably a heat index of around 100. With a course more suited for mountain goats, I did probably more walking than running (it was a 10K run), but I managed to finish second in my age group (which was also LAST in my age group). Maybe I would have done better in my heels.

The boy me, after frequent requests from my Facebook friends, does regular posts about the races I do. It took about 25 years of doing races before I started to finish at or near the top of my age group. I lost weight (about 50 pounds over the last ten years, both to do better in races AND to look better in dresses) and just outlasted my competitors. I did my first one in 1987, and have done at least one most years since. I did eight last year, and four so far this year, and I have signed up for three more in August. I limit myself to races around three hours or less, because after that it’s no fun (that means no Ironmans or half-Ironmans). My goal is fifty years of doing triathlons, so I have a few more years to go.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of exercise and encourage all to do more. I run, ride, and swim regularly (bike the most, because it’s the most fun). When I golf, except for one course, I walk. I have the energy to coach and play tennis. My resting heart rate is 45. I take zero medications, and have my blood pressure under control.

Plus all the road work and time in the sun means my tanned legs look fab-u-lous in heels.

Which is why when I go shopping I look for clothes that show them off, and look for opportunities to wear them when I can.


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