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A wonderful evening!

I have attended various events thrown by the International Live Events Association’s (ILEA) Cleveland chapter. I am now contemplating joining for my apparel business. October 18, 2023 they held a “Meet The Board (of Directors) Happy Hour”. It was a bus tour of three different bars and was great fun!

I had been swallowed whole for most of the previous two plus weeks by work, family and other obligations, so I had only been out once in that period of time. Cry no tears for me, but I was off my game. I had a very hard time getting motivated to do this. Only because I was doing it for business networking purposes did I go through with my plans.

I usually have a few outfits all lined up, but threw one together for this outing the evening before. What I selected and what you see here are not the same. I wrestled with what to wear on a bus (party limo) vs. staying in one location. I considered the weather. I wanted to look professional, but casual. So after a few different iterations, we walked out the door as you see here.

The evening was great fun! I saw a few folks I knew, but hadn’t seen in quite some time. I made some new friends. I talked with many as we went to the various bars. I got compliments on my lipstick, of all things.

The night ended back where we started. One of the evening’s participants was a magician. He did some card tricks for us which simply blew my mind. One trick had me mark a card and place it in the rear pocket of my skirt. He marked a different card, folded it up and left it hanging on the pocket inside of his jacket, always in full view. Then he asked me to remove the card in my pocket and, you guessed it, they were switched. I was very skeptical but I could not figure out any of the tricks he did! Really cool, a good guy and a great way to wrap up my evening.


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  1. Kandi,
    Motivation is hard to find at times , you may feel slightly off colour or the weather is bad or perhaps you’re not 100% happy with the people you’re about to meet . I began to feel guilty because other people have usally put a great deal of effort into organising the event and usually by the end of it I’ve had a great time . I know I have no excuses now , I have enough items in my wardrobe for most events ( possibly more than the majority of women ), I don’t have any problems with being accepted as Teresa so I might as well go out and enjoy life now .

    As a postscript , when I consider my old male lifestyle to my new one I’ve found people invite me out far more , women on the whole do have a better social life .

    1. I can say with great confidence, there are not many 62 year olds, who push themselves like I do, for reasons good, bad, circumstantial and my choice.

  2. Interesting that you chose this today and mentioned motivation
    Just today was my usual grocery shopping day and each time I’m out full en fem as Rachael
    It’s my time to fully be me.
    Not sure what the reason was but today it was male mode
    So I guess it happens to us all who are not full time
    Yes the lipstick stands out indeed and not in a bad way
    Hugs to you my dear

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