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Michelle, My Belle–Part 2

Our favorite pair at it again!

Last Sun-dee I wrote about two outings, Thursday and Saturday, with my GG friend Michelle at her favorite bar, Hemingway’s. The following Monday I ventured to her salon. 
Michelle hosted an open house at her salon in late November, which included a ribbon cutting sponsored by her local Chamber of Commerce. My visit was to discuss the open house, and so I could take pictures of her in various locations inside and out for her website and social media. Plus, it gave me a chance to get dressed and spend time with Michelle, a double bonus. The top and skirt I wore were Hand-Dee-Downs from Michelle.
The pictures of her turned out really well, and she was happy with them. Of course, that she’s freakin’ gorgeous and a former model helps–plus my phone takes quality pictures and Mr. Google has lots of options to enhance the photos you take. A number of the pictures I took are now featured on her salon’s website and Facebook page.

After taking the pictures, we went to a late lunch at a local bar and grill with her 11 year old daughter Mila. Michelle and I had our standard treat, sharing a plate of nachos.

I originally intended to go to the open house as Dee (I was going to wear my one business suit, as Michelle refers to me to others as “her accountant”), but we agreed I would be the semi-official photographer and take more pictures for her social media. I decided I’d be more comfortable in guy mode, but I wore Dee’s jeans, Red Keds, and t-shirt under a guy sweater. I snuck into Michelle’s room and took a picture with one of her favorite hats.

The ribbon cutting and open house went well. Michelle also arranged to have her building blessed by her priest. I took lots of pictures, including her co-workers Michelle (yes, another Michelle), Liz, Sommer, and Cindy. They have seen both versions of me and have always been friendly and supportive, which I appreciate very much. I texted them the pictures I took and they enjoyed them very much. Many of the photos are now on the spa’s website, which pleases me too–and if you’re curious, you can always Google the name on the sign! 

I was touched when I saw Michelle’s co-workers crying–happy tears–during the ribbon cutting. It showed how much they too appreciate Michelle and all her efforts to make the salon a reality.

Always fun to be with Michelle and have an opportunity to get my girl on. Stay tuned–we just might have more fun times together!


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