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A Full (Girl) Sunday!

My wife had to work later than usual this Sunday, so I decided to take advantage of the day. 11:00 AM Mass, an art museum shift and an exciting new possible opportunity!

Let’s talk about this outfit, worn all day as any other woman might. A cute top was the center piece, featuring grey, white and purple stripes. A black skirt (any woman’s go-to and one of many, many black skirts I own), grey cardigan (the art museum is always cold and it felt “churchy” to me) and grey pumps. I echoed these colors with my jewelry and make up. Have I mentioned lately, there simply is nothing better than being a woman! All the work, all the thought, all effort that goes into an appropriate presentation is worth it. Ladies, love who you are because you have been given a gift. We know it even if no one can understand it (including yours truly).

The day began with breakfast at a legendary East side diner. The French toast was a great way to start my day and the fact that no one paid me any special attention told me I put myself together quite well. Then I headed over to 11:00 Mass at a church near the art museum. As I have said before, the simple act of being a well dressed woman, pulling my skirt under when sitting, crossing my legs while seated, standing with a particular attention to my posture while trying to keep myself “small”, putting my purse on my shoulder, gently clicking my heels while walking, walking one foot in front of the other, these are all things women take for granted. I do not. I notice the small details and revel in the ability, for a small amount of time, to be able to enjoy them. To be a woman. To chose to be a woman. To love being a woman.

Those smiles are not fake. They are there for a reason and sometimes I feel guilty for the joy it gives me because it is not something I can share with those I love. I can only selfishly enjoy them, but I try to give back in other ways.

But I digress….after Mass I went to a drug store as I had $7 of “Extra Bucks”, which was essentially $7 to spend on anything. So this girl picked up a cute pair of earrings!!

My pilgrimage across the Eastern suburbs of Cleveland concluded with an afternoon shift at the art museum’s information desk. It’s just a cool place to sit and watch the world go by and interact with other human beings. I have been paired up with a young man on my past few shifts who is the expert on the museum’s app. He also knows where everything is. I simply smile (through my mask), greet folks, point out the maps and restrooms and direct people to Noah for answers. He is a great young man and I think he’ll do great things! It is volunteer appreciation week, but since COVID has pissed all over our lives, our thank you gifts were very nice, but not the party we had in years past.

I then hustled home to participate on a Zoom (BTW, I hate Zoom, it’s clunkiness, sporadic connection issues, others being befuddled as to how it works…) meeting for The Candy Store. I was very happy to participate in a preproduction meeting on this proposed show. It was interesting and I think I made a contribution. I wish them great success, hope to be able to get involved down the road and will support them as much as I possibly can. But as I have come to learn, 99.99% of things that I am interested in participating in do not ever come to fruition.

A full Sunday, a good eight+ hours dressed, in many different places, every single time my being there was either a nonissue or was welcomed. I am sure I am sounding like a broken record, but I do this for that sister reading Kandi’s Land for the first time, to show her you can indeed go out and enjoy being you!


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  1. Such an all day woman day is just the best anyone of us can experience, luckily my gf don’t care if I do it at home but she do not want to go out with me when I’m all dressed up, but just being a woman all day is very nice.

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