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The Dichotomy of Me

Every live both genders to the extreme in one day?

August 17, 2022 was a day that included all the parts that make up “me”.

The morning started with my daily grind, attacking my new goal: Boston 2024. I must erase that awful time that I posted in April. If that is all I get, I will be eternally satisfied and extremely proud. But I need to prove to myself that either that was all I am capable of now or that it was an anomaly and that I can do much, much better. My legs have not felt this good in a long time thanks to a dedicated low impact, high intensity training program and my facing the fact that I have arthritis and taking medication for that. The month before Boston earlier this year, I could barely walk for the month prior. On this morning, I attacked a tremendous elliptical climb. The very male side of me.

Then it was time to shear myself, do my makeup and get to “work”.

I did a favorite thing, hit two clothing exchanges, getting rid of a number of items and rolling that into a few “new” items. The first stop was in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, where I also did my photo shoot. At the end of this part of my day, I acquired an MK cross body purse, a cable-knit turtleneck and a real cool pair of white capris with black stripes, which made my backside look really great!

I then reported to the art museum and had a fairly quiet shift, working with a delightful woman and meeting a few new friends!

Then the dichotomy continued. I went home and got scrubbed really well. A few hours later I got together with a number of high school and/or college friends for some drinks and some more drinks. A number of us went to the same high school, played football together and went to the same college, living with each other on occasion. We are bound for life by many mutual experiences over these formative years as well as a great deal of alcohol, spanning the entirety of those eight years. I got to tell my Boston stories, which I always enjoy and see friends I have known for almost fifty years. And no, they have no clue about the woman you see here. Damn, I’m old….

One of my lifelong friends offered me an opportunity that I will be taking, to supplement my current income stream. Another benefit from this day!

One day…..two genders….one me.

Post script: During the evening discussed above, one of my lifelong high school friends offered me an opportunity. So as of yesterday, I now have two “jobs”. I don’t have jobs like many people do. For many reasons, I am incorporated (self-employed) and I have revenue streams. This is an exciting new revenue stream that I hope will allow me to retire before they start throwing dirt on me. But it’s work. Why am I telling you this? More work days mean fewer Kandi days, so you may not see as many outings as I have had in the past. But life, my wife, take priority and it kills me every day that she trudges off to a crappy job because I am not able to provide health care benefits. So, I remind many that while my freedom to be Kandi is a very fortunate circumstance, other aspects of my life ain’t that great. We all have blessings and crosses to bear.


4 Responses

  1. Kandi I love that look on you it’s beautiful
    Wow 2 jobs now, well as you say life has its compromises
    Just curious would ever have a circumstance that you would tell one of your HS friends about Kandi.
    I’m not sure if you recall but I went to my 40th HS reunion as Rachael, and for the most part was welcomed as no big deal
    Love ya Rach

    1. Rach,

      Yes, I absolutely recall your reunion story.

      Would I tell any of my HS friends? Probably not, there is simply no reason to do so. I will never live 24/7 as Kandi, as I cherish being my wife’s male husband (and she gives me great latitude to be Kandi). Under the right circumstances, I would tell anyone, which you will soon read about.

      For me it’s about what my doing so would achieve. If there is a downside, then I would pass. If there is an upside or no issue, then I would. I went to an all boys school for HS, so there would be no real female support in a reunion circumstance, plus my HS was leveled some years ago, it no longer exists. These relationships are weaved into my life. I will be at a concert tomorrow with one of those friends and his wife.

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