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The Cherry on Top!

We spend a great deal of time on our presentation.  We all want to look just perfect, pretty.  We love complements.  We want to be noticed.  We all do!

Look, I will admit, I struggle with my hair.  I am very good at putting together an outfit and do a nice job on my makeup.  But this girl struggles with her hair.  So I turned to The Breast Form Store for help!  There I found this lovely Mane Attractions wig, the Glamour Wig, in Cocoa.  I was so excited for that package to come and once I received it, I had to wear it first chance I got!

There is a casual, every day, elegance about this wig.  It really didn’t take much for me to get it to look just right.  The color worked well for me.  The shape enhanced and feminized my features. The color was perfect! It was me.

I had a shift to work at our art museum, one of the premier art museums in the country.  I work the information desk, where everyone that enters sees me and I interact with many.  I was very confident about my outfit.  A lovely skirt and the perfect casual top made for just the right outfit for my job on this day. 

I am usually aware of the wig on my head.  On this day, it was MY hair!  Not a wig, it took me to a place where I was able to just be myself.  I felt feminine and pretty and you know what?  I was!  Everyone I met on this day knew they were speaking with a woman, there was no question.

Now I went to work with the confidence of a woman who knows she is very well put together.  A woman confident in how she is viewed by the world.  A woman who has now completed her look with just the right hair style!  This is not a wig; it is the final piece to pull together the woman we all see in ourselves.  The women we are!  I am now complete and I thank The Breast Form Store for giving me that last piece to the puzzle that is the woman that I am!  It was the cherry on top of the sundae that was this day!

You too can look this great! 

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4 Responses

  1. Absolutely wonderful hair Kandi. That is my preferred style; shoulder length with a bit of a wave.
    You look beautiful.

  2. Yes I love the hair, it does look great on you and yes it does look natural
    I’ve got several wigs and yes the right hair just makes the look make me always feel better about my presentation

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