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Take Two

Two days, one outfit, let me explain....

My theme of two similar outings combined into one post seems to be continuing. And my getting stiffed on plans to meet friends also is continuing. I made a friend, whom I included in a recent post. We made plans to get together on August 23, 2023. She was very diligent about the plans, emailing back and forth for the days prior. So this day I went about my business and then got ready, which we all know, takes some time. I had planned on getting out early and stopping somewhere to work before meeting my friend. But this day it poured cats and dogs. So I decided on leaving just in time to meet my friend. Well, those storms caused her need to cancel. Certainly legitimate, but this always seems to happen to me. Always. Thankfully, I never left home.

So here is the extended photo shoot I took. I will be putting on everything exactly as you see here for a networking event the following day. So we have pictures one day and that outfit seeing the light of day the next.

August 25, 2023, the Schmooze! This is a networking event for those in the Cleveland film community. I knew quite a few people there and made a few new friends and connections. I had a lovely time. I was the only such person like myself and literally it never crossed my mind. While I know I have been at this a long time, there are still small doubts and frequent thoughts about what I am actually doing.

The highlight for the evening was a presentation that ran during the event. They ran nine trailers from filmmakers that were there, mostly made over the last few years, some still in production. Nine trailers, three movies that I was in and one of the trailers included me! It was very cool. I had a wonderful evening.

Here is her highness on her throne (the only actual picture from this day).


5 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    I love the dress and the way you look wearing it. You are “hot”!
    You are a natural looking woman. No wonder you make new friends every time you go out.

    It always amazes me that people would “stiff you” about an arranged meeting. I know I could never do that to you (or anyone else), and I haven’t. How about dinner in January or February?


    1. Jocelyn,

      I understood my friend canceling, we were having biblical rain storms that day, but it seems to happen to me a lot (maybe they could call a little earlier?).

      Yes, I will leave January and February wide open for you!

      Thanks my friend!

      1. Hi girls, I’m totally jealous of you two being able to get together as often as you do. I will be a happy girl if it happens just once. Love you both.

        Trish ❤️

  2. I agree with Jocelyn I love that dress and yes it looks great on you.
    Your outings to me seem so cool if I may use an old expression
    And I do wish I had more social time in my life to be that girl but my job and schedule just don’t work and in some ways I’m kinda a homebody
    But getting pretty for an outing always seems like such a joy

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