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68th Annual Humanitarian Award Celebration: 2022

Kandi at work.....

The Annual Humanitarian Award Celebration is The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio’s premier event. Since 1949, people who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in civic, charitable, and professional organizations have been honored by The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio through this prestigious award.  Yours truly has been a volunteer for the past five years, although it wasn’t held live during the plague.

This was the capper to my day, December 6, 2022. But I made a complete day of it. I have said here and you will soon see that we are making changes, bringing some exciting new ideas to the market, so this girl is now a working girl!

My first meeting was with a prospective web designer at a Starbucks. I am seeking someone to help improv Kandi’s Land and build the Confident U site. Doing so in a skirt suit is a great way to spend one’s entire day!

The meeting went exceptionally well! I then drove downtown, many hours ahead of my volunteering gig. I spent an hour or so at the hotel bar, writing and cleaning up emails. Then I walked to my wonderful friend Darlene’s new store! Again, walking through downtown in this suit…..priceless!

She and I discussed some exciting things we will be combining to offer at Confident U and she then allowed me a little playtime, so here you go!

Back to the hotel bar for more email cleanup and then the event. As per usual, I served as the principal greeter, guiding guests to the appropriate area for check-in as well as for the coat check. Being a Diversity Center-supporting crowd, you can imagine the love I received, especially on this here suit!

After the ceremony started, we all got to sit and enjoy it as well as getting a meal. The whole day was awesome, but let me tell you. Being a woman essentially full time on this day and for a stretch of about five days, this being the first, is exhausting! Exhilarating, but exhausting!

Gotta go, early alarm and this girl has more meetings tomorrow!

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6 Responses

  1. Kandi, the suit is amazing and projects an aura of confidence and leadership. I find suits tricky to fit, as either the jacket is too small or the skirt is too big. Separates or dresses for me! Looking forward to what Confident U will add to your (already) impressive resume.

  2. Way to go girl you are looking great in that suit and wow you are truly a great representation of our small but wonderful community
    Thank you Kandi for being you and for sharing with all of us

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