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Acting Up


The music video I shot last year has been released! And I quite like the song and my performance, brief as it is. I never heard the song during the shoot and it took over a year for this to be completed, so my first exposure to the song was when the director (and lead singer) sent me a preview copy prior to its release. You can see me at about 3:45 (it is an unusually long video).

By the time you will have read this post, I will have shot a scene in my ninth movie! It’s shot in a wine bar, business casual or Friday evening attire……what’s a girl to wear?

After an exhausting run of days, I took August 17, 2023 as an all-Kandi day, although I did quite a bit of work along the way. I hadn’t been out dressed for almost two weeks and during that period of time I drove the truck for nine days, with a stretch of six in seven days. Our customer is moving and as such, we are working nonstop in a nine hour day, no breaks or lunch. This is a three month process. On top of that, I have been actively managing the annual process of passing the DOT inspection, which this year cost me over $20,000 and many, many massive headaches. I had to coordinate rentals, getting my truck into and out of four different places, making sure all work continued uninterrupted, getting rides here and there or drive someone here or there to pick up or drop a truck, argue with a shop about poor work done, and figure out how to pay for all of it.

I also took on two additional states in my main apparel line and started getting a second line up and running. Plus all the rain has me practically cutting the grass every three days and a batch of arborvitaes, planted and thriving for well over 20 years, decided to die almost overnight. While I wouldn’t have cared, they are in front of the house and became an eyesore. I took them down (by hand, by myself) and started replanting new cover (they were there to hide some electrical boxes, themselves an eyesore if left bare).

And I still tried to keep up my workout routine and play some pickleball for relief. Finally, we had a sickening family tragedy, which I will not go into, but just more life being blasted at me. I tell you all of this not to complain, rather to demonstrate how my life works, what I have to do to help be a provider, a husband, a friend, an athlete (that part is slowly slipping away), yes, a woman, but mostly to be the best me that I can be.

Needless to say, my alcoholic tendencies pulled me through. I am going to miss those wake up headaches……

I got up, worked out, stayed out of my wife’s way while she got ready for work. I then got dressed and did my makeup (while on the phone handling a work issue). Then out the door on a mission to sell some clothes and reinvest into some new (to me) items. That went very well, I then hit the liquor store (this time, not for me, as a gift for someone who helped keep me sane through all of this) and then the above set of pictures.

Next stop, a restaurant where I drank my lunch and caught up on some emails. Then I headed across town and killed off an hour shopping and trying things on. The day wrapped (although it took from 3:00 to 8:00 to accomplish everything) assisting at an Indie Gathering International Film Festival. I helped set up, did some more of my work and then ran the first feature for the small handful of people who attended and then I went HOME!

One thing that really pleased me, there were about five men who run the festival. Nice folks, but real geeky movie nerds. They all quite naturally referred to me as “she”. I always notice that! Here are some pics taken at the event.

Dressed all day. In a tight skirt. And I never once paused to think about it, I just was…..

One of my most recent movies, “Calendar” is closing the show on Sunday!

This was Day One of a seven time in eight day Kandi bender……..


10 Responses

  1. First, my condolences on the tragic loss, whoever it may have been in your life. Yes, we all deal with loss, but it is never easy.

    Now, to your post. I felt fatigued just reading about your day. I know I lack the stamina to live at that tempo!

  2. Wow, I think you’re a true wonder woman Kandi. It’s amazing you can even take time to share all this but I’m so glad you do. I love your bright and positive outlook on life even through what might be called hard experiences. It always brightens my day to read or hear what you have to share and I really appreciate it.

  3. Kandi,
    The lure of that little denim skirt ! I made the mistake of wearing one to my painting group the problem was it had a split at the front , I had to take great care when sitting at my easel . Do people notice ? You bet they do , I had a compliment about my legs from a totally unexpected person , a secret admirer ? I **** hope not !!!

  4. My my a very full Kandi day
    And yes you looked much the lady.
    Great look.
    Maybe things will slow a bit for you
    Hugs Rach

  5. A very cute outfit for a hard-working and hard-playing woman! Like Kim said, how do you have the stamina to fit all of that in one day?

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