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Oh, What a Night!

Frankie Valli is smiling somewhere...

By Sherry Greer

Kandi has set the precedent to refer to music in many of her posts. As she has documented she is a huge music lover and I can attest to that. I am going to jump on the bandwagon and follow her lead! The title of my post “Oh, what a night” refers to a Four Seasons song released in 1975 and covered by many even Flo Rida. In it the song refers to a person having a night they will not forget. On August 4th I had such a night! It all started a couple of days before when I tried to get a ticket to Mix which is almost a monthly event that takes place at the Cleveland Museum of Art and where Kandi works and volunteers at the event. She told me to get a ticket early because it could sell out. I was on the fence about going because I knew Kandi would be at her post and I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. Our friend Melissa was noncommittal so on Wednesday I remembered to get a ticket but like Kandi said it was sold out! (I guess I need to listen to her more). I then turned to Melissa and we agreed to do something. This is where the adventure begins!

We decided to meet at a local steakhouse for appetizers and a drink. I got there a little early and Melissa arrived a little late so I was there for about 30 minutes by myself. While sitting at the bar I made conversation with the bartenders and people on either side of me. Everyone was wonderful! When Melissa arrived we ordered food and after about an hour we went across the street to a dance club that’s inside the hotel. We have been there before but it was on a weekday and there were very few patrons there. As we walked in the place was packed and there was a DJ and a band. There was a high school reunion there from 1973! We found a spot at the bar in between a guy by himself and a couple. We struck up a conversation with the guy, he was nice and from Chicago. We talked to him the entire night! I would talk to the people who came and went on the other side of me even helping the one get the bartender’s attention!

Another woman who was paying her tab said to me that she wasn’t hitting on me but found me very attractive! (I started to float off my chair!) At one point the bartender came over and gave me a drink ticket and said that someone bought me a drink. It was obvious who did this and the bartender confirmed who it was. I asked Melissa what I should do and she said go thank him. I was a little nervous but did so. We introduced ourselves and we talked for a few minutes. He noticed my wedding ring and told me he meant no disrespect and that my husband was a lucky man! He 100% thought I was female! I sat back down and told Melissa about the conversation.

After a couple of drinks I got out on the dance floor, the band was an 80’s band so they were playing all the songs from my high school days. As I was dancing I made eye contact with a couple of women and we started dancing together! It’s amazing how women are so helpful and nurturing towards one another. Later on the DJ played a line dancing song and the one helped me with the steps! It’s amazing, in guy mode I barely dance but as Sherry you can’t get me off the floor! At one point as I was going back to my seat a random guy told me I was a good dancer! As my night ended I used the restroom located in the hotel lobby and could barely get through the door because my head was so swollen from all the compliments!! Lol! So, as you read, it was a wonderful night and one I will not soon forget . Hope you like the pictures! Get out there ladies!

Stay beautiful-Sherry


8 Responses

  1. Sherry,
    You look fabulous. It sounds like the perfect evening for you. And dancing and people seeing a beautiful woman. It couldn’t get any better.

    One of the stanzas from your song says a lot about all of us:
    “Oh, what a night
    Why’d it take so long to see the light?
    Seemed so wrong, but now it seems so right
    What a lady, what a night.”

    Love you,


  2. Sherry, I love the dress, it showed off your amazing legs that (I’m sure) drew attention on the dance floor! Sometimes, the best experiences come from being open to people. I’m so glad you and Melissa had a wonderful night.

  3. Sherry, thank you for telling your story. I can see why you got so many compliments. You look fantastic. I’m hoping to get to Cleveland some day and visit the R&R hall of fame. Keep doing what you are doing.
    Yours Terri

  4. Well I can see the smile in your pictures say it all
    Your such a beautiful lady more than anything else because you are being you
    What great positive story

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