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Walking Girl

Dee and Michelle are at it again! Let's all take a look.....again (it's a Dee-peat)!.

My GG friend Michelle and I hadn’t seen each other since early January when I got to see the insides of her new salon and spa (a work in progress, and the picture showing me removing wallpaper is more photo opportunity than actual labor).

In early April we arranged to meet at her spa (so I could see the progress) and then go walking in a local park.

This was the four year anniversary of our meeting (we met when I was doing a Dee train trip to Chicago, and I wanted my nails done; she was the nail tech and we hit it off), and the two year anniversary of our grand night out on the town (and she wants to get out again when we can). We often text, but actual time together is hit and miss, so we both enjoy our actual time spent together.

One benefit of being friends is when Michelle cleans out her closet, she gives me what she doesn’t want anymore. Fortunately, we are roughly the same size, although she is slightly smaller (and slightly taller). My wardrobe now consists of a significant portion of what I call “Hand-Dee-Downs”. My walking outfit of the chartreuse long sleeve workout shirt and the sweater (along with a vivid blue tank top shirt underneath) were all gifts from Michelle. 

We walked four miles and talked. It was sunny and windy and we enjoyed the time catching up. We usually talk about a variety of subjects, her kids, my kids, her boyfriend, my wife, her business, etc.

Once again, Michelle had thinned out her closet and had three bags of stuff to give to me. She dug into the three bags of clothes and pulled out a top and pair of pants she wanted me to try on. I changed in the parking lot of the park, and then we went to a local restaurant for lunch (Reubens for both of us) and a drink (strawberry margarita for me, mojito for Michelle). At the restaurant, she knew one of the other customers, and she introduced us. Michelle tells me all the time that she tells people about me, and she always refers to me as “her accountant”. It is extremely gratifying to know she is happy to be open with people when I’m with her.

Once home, I got to sort through the clothes she gave me, which included bras, lingerie, dresses, tops, skirts, and a pair of slacks. It’s like another Christmas. Most fit, some are a bit small (motivation for me to continue losing weight, because they are very cute and I want to fit into them), and some just are not my style or are way too small, and I will donate those. Unfortunately, because I have a full house and limited dress-up time, I haven’t had a chance to try them on fully dressed, but I can’t wait until I have that opportunity. 

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait three months to see Michelle again. That story to follow in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.


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