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Travelogue: Lake Erie Gala 2023 – Day Two

I am truly blessed with so many amazing friendships!

Friday, November 17, 2023, a 3:00AM bedtime the previous night and a whole lot of drinks enjoyed during that late evening had me dragging. But I got up, tended to some work issues and got a workout in. I kept it casual and enjoyed a lunch at the hotel with my wonderful friends. It is an odd dynamic at these things because you are basically with great friends, with whom you share a common bond, without a ton of things to do, in what becomes a timeless experience. You truly lose track of the day, the time and what is going on in the world and at home.

On a very cold and rainy day, Sherry and I hit the local mall and just poked around for a few hours. It was nice to be able to do that and especially with her. We then went back to our room, got “duded up” (an inside joke) and did an extended photo shoot, as well as getting some pictures with friends.

Dinner that evening was absolutely spectacular and quite memorable. Our dinner crew grew to ten and it never dawned on me to call for reservations. But I finagled a long table and we just had the best time! Our dear friend Susan brought her fiancé, whom we renamed “Bob” and we created a fictitious birthday for her. At the restaurant, they celebrate with some type of cake with a giant sparkler. There were ten such celebrations, including “Bob’s” faux birthday (she does have a birthday, just not for a month or so….). Long story short, many bottles of Pinot Noir later, we all ended up having a drink with most of the management and wait staff. Karla even serenaded one of the nearby tables celebrating an actual birthday (Karla is seated on the couch with me and Sherry behind her below), with a baritone rendition of Happy Birthday. Karla is quite tall and it was such a great moment! We changed quite a few minds that evening and gave a lot of people a story to tell when they went home.

Back to the hotel for another long and fabulous evening until the bar was closed. One more day…


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  1. Kandi,
    I agree that these events are like being in a time warp . At a lazy breakfast after a really good meal and dancing the night before reality suddenly hit us all when a snow storm hit . I’d decided to take a chance and drive home as Teresa but by the time I reached my home the roads were pretty bad and when I tried to swing into my drive it was blocked by my son’s car . I backed out as quick as I could and called him , apparently he was walking up the road only a couple of hundred yards from me and his wife was in my home with the two grandsons . All he could suggest was I drive to the next village and change in the car , by this time the snow a had deepened and I was causing a hold up . I got to the next village and started to haul my case from the back of the car to find some male clothes when the phone rang , he had manged to get his family back in his car and was heading home ( only ten minutes away ) so he gave me the all clear . The problem was the entrance to my drive was on an upward slope with a tight turn off the main road , so it’s impossible to take a run at it . I manged to clear the main road but and had to leave my car blocking my drive while i staggered through the snow dressed with heeled boots . So It was a case of a quick washdown , grab some male clothes and start shovelling to get my car safely up the drive . My wife was at work but obvioulsly when she heard the story she went ballistic with me .

  2. You all look fabulous in your dinner outfits – a cute sweater dress on you, a lovely red dress on Sherry, and a great print dress on Karla. Having friends like this is so beautiful to see, where you are just enjoying the company with no set itinerary.

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