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Travelogue: Lake Erie Gala 2023 – Day Three

The final day of a fabulous experience!

The final day of The Lake Erie Gala, November 18, 2023. Days do not come any prettier than this! It was chilly, but the sun was spectacular and Sher and I took full advantage before having lunch with our great friend, Gina.

As you may recall, the final event, the Gala, had a 50’s sock hop theme. I didn’t go sock hop, but did purchase an actual dress from the ’50’s and went with a little June Cleaver look.

No real stories, just great friends! Here is proof!

A fantastic time! Fantastic people! Too much to drink………time to sleep!


10 Responses

  1. Nice pix Kandi! Too bad I had to cancel my plans to attend, looks like you gals had a nice time.

    So at the Keystone Gala you went with the Jackie O look and here with the June Cleaver look. Can’t wait to see what you’ll plan for next year’s Keystone Gala.


  2. Great series of your time in Erie, all the ladies look beautiful
    Yes beautiful because they are being themselves and not afraid of that

  3. I love all the descriptions and pics over the last three days. You all looked so good. Wish I could attend one of these things. Oh well… Thanks for all the inspiration and information.

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