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The Genesis of Kandi! Part 1

Let's go back in time, before COVID, before the Kandi you know was just feeling her oats....

This photo shoot, taken about 3 months into my journey down this path in 2015, convinced me that I could become the woman that I am.

From day one, I have had a thing for wedding dresses. It represents the ultimate feminine day, the ultimate feminine experience and that day when you are the center of attention.

The MUA is a genius! I believe the pandemic put her out of business, my eternal gratitude to the amazing Amanda Richards.

This is when I realized how happy this all made me, that I actually had a smile, that life could be something different that I had thought.


8 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    Your eyes OPEN or Closed tell the whole story of the joy of being a girl-woman and bride.


    1. I cannot explain how very little that has to do with me. Someone like Amanda makes you look like anyone you want to be. Thanks sweetheart!!!

  2. You look so happy! I can’t see a picture of you without feeling a little bit of that sunshine roll onto me. It’s kind of amazing to see someone like you that seems so secure in who she is living and loving life to the fullest she can and realize that you also probably were somewhat uncertain and insecure about it at one time. It gives me so much hope!

    Love, Liz

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