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It Never Ends…..

Don't let the bastards get you down!

On the old blog, I told my backstory and may do that again here, not sure yet. If you remember it, I’ll just say me and Uncle Sam are not friends and Sammy kicked me in the gut yet again. July 14, 2022 was not a great morning for me.

I have been down this road many, many times over the past eighteen years. Just understand, our government has zero concern for it’s constituents. I know this from significant direct personal experience. I have seen things many of you (be thankful) cannot imagine. That’s all I’ll say here.

I went home after meeting with my attorney and went about the evening I had planned. My dear, dear friend Lisa from the greatest place on Earth, Piece Unique and I finally got together for Happy Hour! We both love a good Happy Hour! And her friend Debby joined us and the three of us girls had a fabulous time. Talking, laughing, sharing, eating, drinking, drinking (oh, did I say that already), and planning a beach day!

In order to pull myself out of my funk, I did an extended photo shoot before heading out the door. I hope you find these photos tasteful, I am rather proud of them

Don’t let the bastards get you down!

I’ve finally completed the Bridal Gallery! Check it out!!


12 Responses

    1. I really appreciate that because it’s the details, the little things I pay attention to and any time they are noticed, it pleases me. Thanks dear!!

  1. Hi Kandi,
    Not sure how long you have had the wig in these pictures but, it looks very good on you. The cut compliments your face well.


  2. I love the photos! Nothing like dressing up followed by a photo shoot to chase away the worries and cares (albeit for only a little while)! I just wish I could look so good in just a bra and panties! But if you are me and need a ‘waste clincher’ just to get down to a semblance of an ‘hour glass’ figure, I guess its out of the question! Hang in there girl, you know we are with you!

  3. Kandi I’m so sorry for your troubles, it really can be a downer
    Now those pictures, yes very tasteful and if I may say kinda sexy.
    You are such a beautiful soul and when Kandi comes out it shows just how beautiful you really are inside and out
    Love ya Rach

  4. Dear Kandi,
    I know I haven’t had anywhere close to the experience you have but even from my own small amount of experience, I firmly believe everything you said here and it only makes me admire you more. I know from what I’ve quietly observed in you and others I have known, adversity and suffering, whether mental or physical, can do one of two things to a person. It can make them more bitter and resentful at the world and lose all faith in humanity. Or if handled properly, it can make them kinder, sweeter, even more loving and beautiful than before. I have no idea what you’ve been through but your wisdom, understanding and compassion in your kindness to me and others speaks volumes. I just love how you’re able to stay upbeat and still smile through it all. From outward appearances it seems we often don’t have the slightest clue what others may be going through. It takes a truly strong character to maintain that outward appearance of being happy and okay even when there is turmoil within, for the sake of those around them. It is such a pleasure to be around and associate with those kind of people. I just love and admire you for it. Thank you!
    Love, Liz

    1. Now that is a great way to start my day! Once I accepted this many years ago, I made a decision by doing that to live a good life. Good for me and good for those around me. I tried the bitterness thing, it doesn’t work very well. Love you so much Lizzy!!

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