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Moving Past The Holiday Blues

More self-analytical psychobabble from me.

I recently talked about my annual case of the holiday blues. The things I do to generate revenue are generally on hold, shut down or very, very slow from mid-December through the first week of the New Year. So I have little to do and as I know about myself, I don’t do nothing very well. Idleness leads to internet rabbit holes and much too much to drink.

Also, for Kandi, December is feast or famine. Some of the most awesome things that I do every year happen in the first half of December. This year is was The Cleveland Museum of Art MIX event as well as the member party, The Diversity Center gala, The Providence House’s Deck The House, our Sherry Christmas celebration, seeing myself in “White Noise” on the big screen with many of my fellow actors from the film and a few film related networking events.

Then……..complete shutdown. One of our daughters usually comes home for a week, as she did this year. No Kandi time. Nothing work related to do. While I love and adore my family (both our immediate family and my Mom and sisters families), those days are difficult for me.

Here is a typical conversation.

Them: “What’s new?”

[In my head, I am thinking about the movies I was in, talking to Tom Hanks, getting a picture with a soon-to-be Pro Football Hall of Famer, working as model for Darlafoxx, etc.]

Me: “Not much….”

Then the holidays pass and life gets back to normal. Except during this time of famine, I am aching for some Kandi time, even the ability to underdress is fairly limited (too many family hugs, etc.). So almost every January, I seek hyper-feminine activities without realizing it until this year. One year it was getting a bridal fitting. Last year I did a tremendous photo shoot with my dear friend Barb. I seem to do a great deal of my lingerie shopping in January. This January I have three bridal shows and an amazing GNO including 3 GGs, myself and a friend from Indiana.

To quote the spectacular Talking Heads; “Same as it ever was……..”.


The official movie poster for my biggest role yet (okay, while that may be a stretch, it is the most screen time I have earned to date).


2 Responses

  1. Happy New Year, Kandi. I, too, am going through a bit of a dry spell with company and now a visit to my daughter in Florida. I’ll be home by myself for much of February so hope to make up for lost time. Still a faithful reader, although not to faithful a commenter lately. Enjoy your January comeback.

    1. So wonderful to hear from you Donna! The more I do this blog, the more ladies I find that share common experiences and feelings. It’s quite remarkable. Here’s to a great February!

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