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Like a Kid in a Kandi Store

As I become more frequent, I become less interesting.

A tip of the hat to Dee on that one….

March 30, 2024, Saturday at Darlafoxx. I love the top for a few reasons. The color is fabulous, it is cute and comfortable and it is part of one of my apparel lines. The price (to me) was awesome: “sample”.

April 2, 2024, after a day in the truck, staff orientation at The Cleveland International Film Festival.

I was fortunate to then have the enigma join me and a few fellow co-workers for libations and talk. It was a lovely ending to my long day!

April 3, 2024, my first shift at CIFF (The Cleveland International Film Festival). Of course, working on and off all day prior. It was wonderful to see friends from CIFF, friends from elsewhere at CIFF and pass out a few hugs! And as usual, I was recognized elsewhere for my time spent at the art museum.

A candid photo, taken without my knowledge, by the event photographer

April 4, 2024, opening shift at the festival and a stop at the office.

It remains remarkable to me, all these years into this, that I have completely normalized me in place after place. I truly believe that my simply owning it, being (I despise this word, but it works here) authentic has been served me well. More, of course, soon….


6 Responses

  1. Kandi,
    I find it an interesting comment and perhaps worthy of a post to ” normalise ” ( sorry UK spelling !) .

    I completely get the statement but how do we achieve it ? To reply , ” it just happens ” isn’t the simple answer . I still look back and think of the days when I considered people who achieved it lived on a different planet , there was no way i could ever reach it !
    The right circumstances don’t happen by themselves , we have to make them happen but to be honest most of us know there will be a price to pay so are we prepared to pay that price ? Is it summed up in the one word , “Freedom ? ” Freedom to be ourselves , to be honest with oursleves and as important honest with other people . It can never happen if we are forced to hide the woman or in my case reveal the man .

    Personally to find normality I faced two big challenges , the first six years ago of becoming Teresa full time and more recently formally changing my name . Perhaps a third challenge to come out of the first two was having family and close friends fully on board with these decisions but I will admit I’m not there 100% yet .

    “Normal” does feel so good , being accepted as the person you prefer to be , people wanting you as part of their lives , to be greeted with a ( female ) hug and be told you’ve been missed .

    Sorry Kandi for hi-jacking your post , perhaps I should have written a post on the subject myself .

    1. Teresa, Comments never hijack a post, that is exactly why I write them! I remember back when what I now take for granted was unimaginable. Just today (which is coming to a future post) i was at a networking event with about 50 people, at the stadium for another event, in a restaurant and then to the film festival. A few hundred people will see me and all will treat me well or ignore me (always a good thing too).

  2. Kandi, I believe that continuing to show your everyday looks is a constant reinforcement of your principles (be smart, visible, etc.). Being able to volunteer at CIFF is just another fabulous opportunity to interact with people. And your outfits are all so wonderful, I love the cute white flats and the purple shirt with the amethyst necklace.

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